Whether we hate them or love them, celebrity couples are something fans all over the world cannot get enough of! Lucky for us, there is a new celebrity couple in the K pop industry! Wonder Girls' Yeeun and 2AM's Jinwoon have finally confirmed that they are indeed dating! That being said, this romance between the two stars is nothing new!~ How long has this relationship been going on? How and when did it start? Read on to find out!

JYP Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment have both officially confirmed that Yeeun from Wonder Girls' and Jinwoon from 2AM are dating!

However, the biggest shock did not come from the fact that the two stars are dating, but how long they have been dating. According to Sports Donga, Yeeun (27), and Jinwoon (25), have been dating for almost three whole years! Both Yeeun's and Jinwoon's entertainment agencies stated that the two stars -- with the common love of music and their foundation -- became a couple after being friends since the beginning of 2014 when they were both under JYP Entertainment. 

Just how did these two keep their relationship under wraps? The two admitted that they were able to keep their secret for so long because they used to be in the same agency and would always hang out with other people during their dates. 

(Photo Via Im Jung Hee's Twitter - Jinwoon and Yeeun at Im Jung Hee's musical)

Both JYP and Mystic Entertainment went onto report that the two idols are supporting each other wholeheartedly in their musical pursuits and are continuing their beautiful relationship as a “musician couple.” 

Let's wish the 'new' musician couple much happiness!!!


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