No matter where you are and what language you speak, a great story is universally treasured. And the ultimate test for powerful stories is how often they get retold and spread over time. To take two classic examples, the first written evidence of Cinderella can be traced back to 1697 in France, and Snow White was first published in Germany in 1812. Stories that spread are stories that people can relate to anywhere in the world and the same is true for great television dramas.

Our new drama “Finding Elisa,” the 2010 Seoul International Drama Award Winner, is real proof of how a great story spreads—It has been dubbed in over 40 countries worldwide and entirely remade with local casts in more than 10.

It's fun to take a look at the different versions from each country, as similar scenes are adapted to the local customs and languages. In the end, all tell the same riveting story of a seemingly perfect family destroyed by the disappearance of their beloved daughter and all the secrets that are uncovered throughout the investigation.

Take a peek at these examples of how the drama was interpreted in different countries:

CHILE: Finding Elisa – The original story where a record breaking 51% of TV viewing audience watched the final episode.






Here are some clips from the drama in different countries around the world:

And check out the trailer for the original Finding Elisa that began it all!

And if you haven't seen the show in any country and have no idea what we're talking Finding Elisa HERE!