On my blog My Korean Husband there has been a long running joke about my love for G-Dragon and my husband’s jealously. It comes up in multiple comics about our life. The joke reached its climax with a video we posted about 2 weeks ago.

Hopefully you realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t really G-Dragon, but we did manage to troll many people! I knew hard-core GD fans like me would recognize that it wasn’t really him but we did manage to fool many people, at least at first.

Once the dust settled people were curious. How did we find a G-Dragon lookalike? How easy is it to find average Korean guys who look like K-pop stars?

Well, finding our G-Dragon was very easy! We didn’t go searching for him at all. His name is Han and he is married to an Australian woman who found us through the blog. We are always happy to meet couples that are similar to us. We gradually became good friends with them and a video idea slowly formed in my head. On a normal day he doesn’t actually look much like G-Dragon as he doesn’t wear the same type of clothes or speak the same way. However, his face and body type are very similar. So much so that in Korea he has been mistaken for G-Dragon before!

When I asked Han and his wife about making the video they were really keen to do it. It was months before we could film it though, so we made sure that we never showed Han in any of our videos or photos because we didn’t want our viewers to recognise the similarity.

On the day of filming everything hinged on Han. Would he be too camera shy? Would he look enough like GD? We could have everything else in place but he needed to be convincing as G-Dragon for at least a few seconds. Luckily I think he is a born actor because once he had the costume on he was so into it! He copied the way G-Dragon introduces himself in interviews over and over again and was so enthusiastic about it. It was actually one of the funniest days we’ve ever had and even if no one liked the video at least we’d had fun.

People did really like the video though; especially long term blog readers who had watched the evolution of this joke on the blog (and the most recent development of my husband declaring that if I run away with GD, he will run away with T.O.P!).

So how easy is it to find normal Korean guys that look like K-pop stars? I have come across internet comments that declare that no real Korean guys look like K-pop stars. That has made me laugh because of course there are lots of normal handsome guys! They might not be walking around in K-pop clothes but they have similar faces. Han even said himself that many guys in Korea have a similar face to him and GD.

People have also asked us if we can do more videos with K-pop lookalikes. We’d love to make more videos like that if we can find the right people. Is it possible to get lookalikes for the rest of Big Bang? My husband knew a guy who looked a lot like Taeyang years ago but has since lost contact. Our friends knew three guys who ALL looked like Daesung who they nicknamed the “The Daesung Guys” because they always hung out together. My husband says it’s very easy to get a Daesung lookalike because so many guys look like him in Korea.

Seungri and T.O.P though? That might be a bit harder. Especially T.O.P. It would be very hard to find someone who looked enough like him. We’d love to make more K-pop skit videos in the future though, so we’ll see.

So perhaps I’ve given some hope to those out there wanting to marry a K-pop star. If you can’t marry your bias, at least you could marry someone that looks like them right? Well…. life doesn’t always work out that way. For example, I’m the huge G-Dragon fan, but GD lookalike Han’s wife is not into GD at all and my husband does not look like GD whatsoever. The person you fall in love with doesn’t always match up with your fantasy. But that’s probably a good thing! You want your partner to know that you love them for who they really are right? Not just because they look like your bias.

You can also check out the bloopers from our GD interview.

Something that was quite funny was that a few people questioned whether Han was a “real Korean” because they thought his Korean was weird. He was mimicking the slow drawl G-Dragon sometimes has in interviews and any other differences in his Korean may be because he has been in Australia for a few years, like my husband. But he is definitely a real Korean and a native speaker! Others may also notice that my husband spoke in dialect in the video. That was most comfortable for him and probably the most honest response if he had caught me in the act of “kissing” G-Dragon!