When a customer came to Ng Pak-yan’s restaurant in Hong Kong asking him to cook a Hawksbill sea turtle that looked just like Crush from Finding Nemo, Ng Pak-yan’s response was, "Turtles are spiritual creatures. They bring good fortune and can live very long. People can't eat them." Ng Pak-yan had never seen anyone try to eat a sea turtle before, so he tried to change the customer’s mind, but to no avail.

Ng Pak-yan then offered the man a five-figure sum to save the critically endangered sea turtle from the dinner plate, and the man agreed. The turtle is now being checked to see if it is healthy enough to be released back into the waters of South Hong Kong. Ng Pak-yan is committed to buying and releasing any additional endangered specimens he comes into contact with. He stated, “I feel it was worth it. They are so beautiful. But I'd never thought that this one would be so endangered and precious."