Yes! Fireworks are on, because a new K-drama kiss is born. You've got to watch Let's Drink (Drinking Solo) to see it, or you can scroll down to see it in our special clip. There are other upside-down kisses, but this one is unique and takes some special effort on the part of our cute leading couple, Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun. Take a look!

SPOILER ALERT: I'll be showing you photos and a video clip about a special kiss in episode 7 of Let's Drink (Drinking Solo).

At this point in the drama, the aloof Jin Jung Suk (Ha Suk Jin) is becoming irresistibly attracted to new teacher Park Ha Na (Park Ha Sun). Even though he is not admitting it yet, but he, and the rest of us, find him willing to go out of his way to help Ha Na.

For instance, he showed up unexpectedly at Ha Na's live chat to help her get more online viewers. They then went out to take photos of the fireworks, as they had promised the viewers. 

With the crowd, however, Ha Na couldn't take good photos. So Jung Suk becomes a chivalrous knight. 

What does he do?

Here is the fantastic video that has everything you'd wan for a surprise kiss, plus beautiful fireworks!

Isn't that cute?

Do you wonder how long it took our leading couple to shoot the scene? I'd love to find the behind-the-scene video.

We usually come up with a special name when we see a new kiss in K-dramas. I'm calling it the "Upside Down Kiss." But please feel free to post your suggestions in the comments.

It's more of a surprise kiss than a romantic kiss, but isn't it really fun to watch?

Let's Drink (Drinking Solo) successfully blending comedy with romance in a drama peppered with diverse and lovable characters.

Check it out!


Let's Drink (Drinking Solo)

Starring Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun

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