With the start of the new year, we are also hearing new wedding bells ring for celebrity couples. Taiwanese model-actress Lene Lai (Refresh ManSubstitute Princess) has married boyfriend singer-actor Nylon Chen (Deja Vu). See more photos and find out how Nylon proposed to Lene.

Lene and Nylon had been dating for 5 years after first meeting in the romance drama Happy Dandelion. On January 5, they announced that they registered their marriage soon after the new year.

The happy couple revealed how the proposal came about.

On New Year's Eve, while watching fireworks, Nylon suddenly brought out a diamond ring and asked Lene to marry him.

Lene at first thought Nylon was joking and said, "Shouldn't you kneel to propose?"

Nylon immediately kneeled and asked again.

She then said, "In the movies they always propose with a long speech."

He immediately started talking, but she said it went too long and was easy to forget.

He then kiddingly asked, "If the first proposal with a single knee down and the second with a speech don't work, then the third proposal must be on both knees!"

She said, "Sure!"

So Nylon kneeled on both knees and finally got a yes answer from Lene.

Third time must be the charm!

Lene later laughed about Nylon kneeling down, saying he looked more like a knight in pain.

Nylon admitted that he forgot what he had intended to say in his proposal speech. The handsome 35-year-old singer-composer said that he could write 100 songs, but he got nervous when he faced his only wife-to-be.

The couple both said that happiness is based on a simple life where they feel content with making each other happy. Getting married, to them, is not an impulsive act.

Although Lene was satisfied with registering their marriage, Nylon wants to hold a wedding banquet so that Lene will have an opportunity to dress up for a special and happy occasion.

Congratulations to Lene and Nylon and may the happy couple live happily ever after!


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