Great news for the ‘90s K-pop fans! S.E.S., one of the first generation K-pop groups, will come back next year! 2017 marks 20 years since debut. Not much about the new album has been decided except the fact that S. M. Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man is the overseeing producer.

“…We’ve been preparing this in our hearts. When we finally had details talks about it, we were nervous and thrilled,” The S.E.S. fontman Bada shared on her Instagram. “We’re at the beginning stages. As soon as we’re ready, we’ll share the good news.”

Less than two months ago, the girls met with S. M. Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man to discuss the comeback. Bada showed the girls’ affection for the S. M. president, calling herself and the girls his first set of daughters!

Eugene, Ki Tae Young, and their beautiful baby daughter Rohee have been a part of Return of Superman, a reality show in which Shoo also has starred with her children. Bada, who doesn’t have a child yet, has been actively singing on K-pop and musical stages.

When S.E.S. revived on Infinity Challenge last year, many fans had wanted their comeback. On the Infinity Challenge stage, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun performed as Eugene, who couldn’t join because she was pregnant and due very soon.

Since S.E.S. debuted in 1997, they have been the three best friends. The girls kept their beautiful friendship even after the the team got cancelled in 2002. Last year, they held a joint bazaar for UNICEF and other non-profit organizations.

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