The Hospital Ship has launched, and it's on track to sail into our hearts with our beloved Ha Ji Won and a boat load of hot young doctors. Yes, you can see that I'm excited about the new drama. Let's read on to get some answers and reasons why you should watch the drama now!

<Spoiler Alert> I have watched the first 4 episodes. (Each episode is about half an hour.)

1. Strong action!

When I first heard about this medical drama, I thought the only action would be inside the operating room. Nope! There's riveting action right from the first moment because, lest we forget, the ship is sailing in the sea where plenty of unexpected turbulence can occur. 

2. Wait, there's more! 

Ha Ji Won is the rare beautiful leading lady who also has the muscles and strength to perform her own action scenes. Right away in the first episode, she saves a wealthy heir, played by Jo Hyun Jae in a cameo appearance, and it was as heart-thumping as any car chase.

3. Dr. Song EUn Jae (Ha Ji Won) isn't just any doctor.

She is a skilled surgeon who is cool under pressure and seems to perform miracles under dire circumstances. However, there appears to be an unusual reason why she will ditch her big-hospital job for the ship. An important factor is her mother, but there seems to be something else too.

4. I did mention hot young doctors, didn't I? 

Despite the relaxation shown in the photo, they do work when they're supposed to. I'm also glad the drama isn't rushing into showing abs, although that's probably going to be unavoidable in the near future. The main doc we need to know is Kwak Hyun (Kang Min Hyuk), along with Kim Jae Jeo (Lee Seo Won) and Cha Joon Young (Kim Min Sik). I like the way the drama introduces their individual backstory in short snippets throughout the plot so far.

5. Romance on the ship?

The romance angle was my one concern before the drama started. So far Ha Ji Won and Kim Min Hyuk look quite compatible together despite their age gap. Actually, the age difference isn't obvious thanks for Ha Ji Won's evergreen beauty and Kang Min Hyuk's maturing look after Heirs. With the medical staff working in close quarters, I'm sure there will be side romances too.

In summary, I love the drama so far. A lot of dramas take too long to build up the story. Here, within a short time, we meet just about all the major players already as we come along for the ride. Speed builds tension. The sooner we all get on board with Ha Ji Won and the rest of the crew, the better we get into the rest of the story. 

I also like the ensemble cast, which is a great mix of veteran and young actors. (See if you recognize some familiar faces from Ha Ji Won's past dramas.)

So far what's surprised me the most is how well the story has given us a sense of adventure. A ship traveling from village to village to meet patients is certainly a refreshing topic, and already I can't wait for the next episodes.


Hospital Ship

Starring Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk

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I'm so excited about Hospital Ship that I hope you'll start watching it too!

Bon voyage!

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