Some people are born to be king and most of us are not. Some are naturally talented at cooking when others can't even make a decent omelette. So what happens when a king meets a female chef and they end up switching bodies in the new rom-com historical It's Not Easy Being King? It's not just swapping costumes like in the tale of the Prince and the Pauper, but an actual body switch. If you've just finished a drama that made you cry, this one will make you laugh till your stomach hurts.

<Spoilers Alert> I've watched the first 4 episodes of this Chinese drama. (Each episode is about half an hour.)

The story starts with Da Xi (Bai Lu), a young woman who really knows how to cook but also easily falls for a hottie. She is so attracted to a handsome royal guard that she follows him into the palace to work as a maid, hoping to get closer to him.

But instead, she runs into the brooding King Ji Man (Zhang Yi Jie). It so happens that a full solar eclipse occurs, (yep, just like the one we recently had in North America,) and they end up switching bodies. Or, you could say their souls are switched. At any rate, Da Xi is now in King Ji Man's body, and King Ji Man is in Da Xi's body. 

Even before the body switch, Da Xi has been causing havoc in the palace with her independent streak and relentless pursuit of the handsome guard.

Now, she is the king and has the power to do more, but she finds herself frustrated when she has to do the king's work, such as reading executive briefings submitted by the ministers, or worse, how to avoid sleeping with her (his) concubine.

In the meantime, the king (now in Da Xi's body) finds that no one will listen when he barks commands and that he has to do a lot of menial work. (It was a man's world after all.)

Will Da Xi ever get together with her heart's desire? (Handsome guard Shao Yong is played by adorable Zhao Yi Qin, who actually enjoys cooking in real life.)

Will the serious King Ji Man relax and find true love? (Or at least picking up some cooking skills from Da Xi?)

Will they ever be able to switch bodies back? (How many years will it take for another solar eclipse to come?)

These are all very important questions that inquiring minds would want to know.

So far, It's Not Easy Being King is really fun to watch because it doesn't take itself seriously. It's apparent that this is not a big-budget production, but it is delivering very big laughs. 

The young actors are not brand new rookies as they all have had successful support experience in other dramas. (Zhang Yi Jie was in Imperial Doctoress.) They deliver the hilarious dialogues with great comical timing.

BTW, the two leads also each sing the drama's cute opening and closing theme songs.

My bet is that this little drama will do very well despite fierce competition from big dramas. It's an easy-watch web series with only 20 episodes.

It's Not Easy Being King, starring Zhang Yi Jie and Bai Lu, is streaming online at DramaFever. Check it out!


It's Not Easy Being King - 大王不容易

Starring Zhao Yi Qin and Bai Lu

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Despite my inclination to watch "serious" productions, It's Not Easy Being King has really been hilarious and entertaining. It's probably just what I need with so many serious headlines coming at us these days. 

Don't forget to watch each episode to the very end end, because there is an added segment of the two leads in a modern skit

Happy viewing!.

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