Whatever preconceived notion I had about Memory Lost, it went out the window the moment I saw detective Bai Jing Xi snip her elegant cocktail dress into a sexy swimsuit so that she could enter an exclusive pool party to capture criminals in action. She is not one to be intimidated by any barriers. Once again, the synopsis didn't tell us enough about the exciting story about to unfold.

If you read about the new crime drama and reasons to watch, you are probably attracted, just like I was, by the promise of such thrilling elements as the double amnesiacs, handsome but hidden villains, suspenseful mystery, and breathtaking action scenes. It is written by a popular crime novelist and directed by a renowned director. Combined with the fact that it earned high ratings in China, Memory Lost is a drama well worth a look.

And look, I did! I have already finished the first five episodes and want more.

(Spoiler Alert if you continue reading!)

I didn't know the leading actress at all, but maybe it's a good thing that I didn't have any conflicting memory of her, because Yang Rong immediately stood out as the straight-talking, fast thinking, and fearless Bai Jing Xi, the petite but tough-as-nail investigative team leader, and I'd want so much for her to be my role model, if I were 20 again.

Her chemistry with leading man Bai Yu is also undeniably strong. 

Bai Yu was overshadowed by Yang Yang in campus romance Love O2O, but here he gets to shine in the unique role of Han Chen, a detective who suffers from amnesia and believes there is a woman out there that he is missing from his life. The viewers know ahead of time that the missing woman is probably Bai Jing Xi (Yang Rong), who also suffers from amnesia. The big mystery is that neither one recognizes the other and they actually don't like each other when they first meet. We probably won't find out the truth for a while, but already we know it'll be fun to watch them gradually fall in love without realizing their entangled past.

The double amnesia mystery may have drawn our discerning viewer in to try out the drama, but it takes both actors to convince us to stay, and so far they are doing a great job with their eclectic banter about criminal psychology and strong chemistry. 

By contrast, Bai Jing Xi's good friend, handsome forensics doctor Xu Si Bai (Korean singer-actor Li Geng) comes across as almost too nice and probably has some hidden secrets. I hope I'm wrong, because a nice, handsome guy who can cook three meals a day for his woman is a rare find.

Did I say handsome villains? Actually, there are handsome cops! 

To start with, Bai Jing Xi's best wingman, who has her back, is detective Zhou Xiao Zhaun (He Feng Tian). He admires his team leader and provides some needed comic relief whenever the story gets too intense. 

Back to the villains. I haven't seen enough of them, but I know they go by alphabets as their code names. So far the unusual (and heinous) crimes are different from what we've seen in other thrillers, as well as author Ding Mo's other crime dramas, and they'll probably lead to a deeper conspiracy. In the meantime, we see how the two investigators go from butting heads to appreciating each other's intelligence and knowledge. 

Romance is just around the corner!

Although Memory Lost is a crime thriller, it has a bright atmosphere with cool high-tech effects. The brightness doesn't take away the intense suspense and the cruelty of the crimes. The action scenes are brisk and enjoyable. and once again, I love it whenever Bai Jing Xi shows off her chops.

It's not easy to be compared with outstanding mystery thrillers such as When a Snail Falls in Love and Love Me If You Dare, especially when they are written by the same author, but the web series is powered by a riveting story, memorable cast, and well-choreographed action scenes. No wonder it successfully captured high ratings with growing viewership in China. 

All 36 episodes of Memory Lost are coming to DramaFever, with a new episode available each weekday. Don't wait to take a look! 


Memory Lost - 美人为馅

Starring Yang Rong and Bai Yu

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BTW, Yang Rong and Bai Yu speak with their own voices instead of being dubbed, and they sing the theme song "Sleep Soundly."

Are you watching Memory Lost? How do you like it?

~ NancyZdramaland

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