The new romantic drama Temperature of Love, starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong, promises a journey of two individuals whose romance will start and pause until they reach the right comfort zone. Does it intrigue you so far? Let's take a look.

<Spoiler Alert> I have watched the first 4 episodes. (Each episode is about half an hour.)

What makes two strangers decide to date? When do they realize they're in love?

When two individuals, despite their differences, meet and fall in love as quickly as Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) and Jung Seon (Yang Se Jong) did, questions naturally arise about how it happened and what happened next.

The two strangers actually have something in common —They both know where their passion lies.

Jung Seon is a chef who appears to have everything under control despite working in a restaurant's kitchen where stress and accidents go hand-in-hand while demanding customers are waiting. He wants to go to France to pursue advanced culinary training even though his skills already are impressive. What's hidden under his confident self-control?

Hyun Soo left a corporate job to pursue drama writing for her new career. Although she struggles as the rookie among her colleagues and chafes under her criticizing lead writer-boss, she puts on a cheerful face and keeps on writing. Her pride and temper can't be hidden easily as she often speaks out without reservation. She appears to be the emotional one.

When the two strangers meet via a running club, their easy banter turns into something more.

Jung Seon is actually the first one to sense their attraction, as he's the one who blurts out, “Do you want to date?” 

Hyun Soo, being the older woman, wisely asks him to reconsider, as they've only met for a few hours.

He says it only took him one minute to decide to be a chef.

Ah, now we know, under the calm facade lives a passionate heart.  And he is the kind that doesn't give up once he's made up his mind.

Jung Seon's easy and joyous demeanor leads Hyun Soo to later cast her caution aside and agree to date.

After their day trip to the countryside where sweet romance is infused in the air they breathe and sprinkled in the spicy dishes they eat, their unexpected first kiss feels natural and also steamy hot.

Does anyone not feel optimistic for their budding romance?

Unfortunately, surprises await, and we learn who will shake Jung Seon's usually calm composure and what will sink Hyun Soo's bright hopes.

We go back to the beginning of the first episode, where It appears that the two lovers have not seen each other for quite a long time.

What led to their separation? What else has happened in the last five years?

We also return to the question on everyone's mind: How will these two lovers find their way back together?

There is no doubt that the title, Temperature of Love, has instantly attracted potential viewers. Beyond the title, we look for a compelling story of an enthralling romance that will lead us on an unforgettable journey. Of course we want a happy ending but let's not jump too fast. Be it food or drama, the best result comes from a labor of love that is willing to take time to come to fruition.

The two leads certainly have not disappointed the viewers. Yang Se Jong has especially exceeded expectation for his first romantic leading-man role. (I'm in love with him already.) It takes more than luck to play opposite Seo Hyun Jin, and their chemistry is evident and abundant.

The script is written by Ha Myung He, the author of the original novel, Good Soup Never Picks up the Phone, from which the drama is based. Ms. Ha also wrote the script for the popular romantic drama Doctor Crush. The new drama is supported by an excellent ensemble cast, including the enigmatic Kim Jae Wook (Coffee Prince, Voice) as well as Jo Bo AH (Idle Mermaid) as second leads.

So far, I have high hopes for Temperature of Love, and I can't wait to find out what happens next.


Temperature of Love

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong

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I'm already lured by the romantic mood in the new drama. How about you?

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