The CNBlue member and actor is planning to star in a new winter series! On January 8, DramaFever is scheduled to premiere Lee Jung Shin's next romantic comedy Longing Heart, and we have all the details.  

The original networks OCN and SBS Plus recently released a poster promoting the show. In the poster, the main stars Jung Shin, Lee Yeol Eum, and Seo Ji Hoon, who plays a younger version of Lee Jung Shin's character, are seen looking up at the sky daydreaming. They all appear to be in a great mood with slight smiles on their faces. 

Longing Heart, which is based on a webtoon by Kim Hee Ran and Kim Byung Gwan, follows the journey of a lovesick man who can't forget his first love. He time-travels back to his high school years and does everything he can to help his younger self win the girl's heart. Jung Shin and Kim Byung Gwan take on the role of Kang Sin Woo, while Lee Yul Eum portrays Han Ji Soo. Lee Tae Seon, Jo Seung Hee, Sin Woo, DoheeKim Min SukLee Joo Hyung, Kim Sun Young, Song Ji Hyeon round out the skilled cast. 

Lee Jung Shin has enjoyed starring roles in fun shows like My Sassy Girl and Cinderella and Four Knights, but this is the first time he is the center of attention as the leading man. 

Don't miss him in this cute 8-episode series when it premieres on DramaFever next month!


Longing Heart

Starring Lee Jung Shin and Lee Yeol Eum

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