Every once in a while it's fun to see a K-drama all about girl power! A hilarious new show about four fitness trainers who are hell-bent on revenge against the same man who conned them all is on its way to DramaFever. Let's take a look at Girls' Love Story


Four women are ready to take their relationships to the next level and prepare to move in with their boyfriends. The only problem is, they’re all dating the same man — and come moving day, he’s nowhere to be found! Meet Sweet Beauty (Yoo Seung Ok), Sexy Eater (Ye Jung Hwa), Innocent Drinker (Han Eun Seo), and Loyal Cry Baby (Oh Cho Hee), four vivacious fitness trainers now hell-bent on revenge against the man who stole their money and trust in the opposite sex.


Are you excited to see this fun new comedy? Girls' Love Story premieres on DramaFever on September 3. Sign up HERE for new episode alerts!