Kang Ji Hwan and Daniel Choi star in Big Man, a mystery-revenge drama about a man who gets a second chance at life when he becomes the eldest son of a chaebol family, but soon faces the dark conspiracy that surrounds his new lifestyle.

Kim Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan) is a poor orphan who has no money or connections in the world, that is until he suddenly discovers that he is the chaebol of a rich family, the Hyunsung Group. When he discovers the truth that it was all a conspiracy to steal his heart as a transplant for a failing family member, he decides to take revenge on the family, including their true son and heir (Daniel Choi), an outwardly congenial man who is actually a two-faced, cunning rival.

The drama's rep stated, "This poster portrays the story of a man who goes from living a low-class life to becoming an instant chaebol and fighting for his life... As much as the actors have enthusiasm and a perfect combination of characters, please look forward to the thrilling story."

This other poster is really creepy but also incredibly intriguing!

Also, I am down for any drama that includes Kang Ji Hwan in a suit. Just look at him:

Daniel Choi's not bad either.

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