Kim Myung Min and Park Min Young's thrilling new courtroom drama, A New Leaf, is coming to DramaFever this week, and here's a sneak peak at all the excitement and intrigue it contains.


Kim Seok Joo (Kim Myung Min) is a cold, calculating lawyer who is vying to become successful at all costs. After a fateful accident causes him to lose his memory, Kim Seok Joo must rediscover who he is as a person and choose whether he will fight for justice or fall back into his old ways. Before the accident, he was engaged to the only grandchild of a wealthy family, Yoo Jung Sun (Chae Jung Ahn), but with no memory of her, he begins to fall for Lee Ji Yoon (Park Min Young), an idealistic intern at his law firm. As he regains his memories, will his heart choose new love or old greed?

Based on the trailers, it looks like Kim Myung Min's character is just as ruthless and conniving as the synopsis says he is, and it will be vey interesting to watch his character evolve after he loses his memory.

It also looks like the relationship between the two main leads is very strained in the beginning, so it will be that much more fun to see the intense change that takes place as they fall in love.

The supporting cast is also great with the wonderful Chae Jung Ahn and Cha Young Woo playing the other two main characters.

This melodrama promises to keep you enthralled with its twists and turns in the plot and the development of each of its character. Make sure to sign up for new episode alerts HERE to stay up to date with all the action.