The stunning new melodrama Temptation is coming soon to DramaFever, and fans of the classic Korean drama Stairway to Heaven have a lot to be excited about because Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo are reuniting after 11 years as the sexy leading couple.


Cha Seok Hoon (Kwon Sang Woo) is mired in massive debt, and there's only one way out: complete submission to Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo), a rich femme fatale willing to bail out Seok Hoon in exchange for his servility. But between his marriage to Na Hong Joo (Park Ha Sun) and Se Young's increasingly demanding advances, Seok Hoon quickly discovers his lifeline is a huge deal breaker.

Teaser 1

How poetic was that sand castle analogy? This show has "intensely beautiful melodrama" written all over it, and it looks simply stunning!

Teaser 2

Doesn't Choi Ji Woo look perfect for playing a scheming, seductive woman? Her wardrobe, makeup, and hair alone are killer, not to mention her proven acting ability. It will be really interesting to see her play a villainous role, and I'm sure fans won't be able to choose between hating her and loving her.

As Cha Suk Hoon, Kwon Sang Woo plays a man who seems to be deeply in love with his wife, but who is is caught up in unbearable debt. I'm fascinated by the potential for us to despise his temptation and weakness, while at the same time sympathizing and understanding him.

Temptation promises to be a drama that tests the boundaries of love and lust, good and bad, and right and wrong. Directed by Park Young Soo and written by Han Ji Hoon, Temptation is set to premiere after Doctor Stranger on July 14th.

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