The upcoming thriller based on a popular webtoon, Last, starring talented veteran actors Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Bum Soo, premieres next week on DramaFever, and it promises to be exactly what Korean action fans are looking for this summer. Let's take a look! 


When a wealthy fund manager (Yoon Kye Sang) gets involved in a bad deal, he loses his fortune and friends overnight. Now homeless and living on the streets, he descends into the nefarious underbelly of Seoul. Soon he gets caught up in a battle with the underworld boss (Lee Bum Soo) over a 100 million won deal. To pull himself up out of his hellish new life, he vows to come out on top of the city's worst criminals. 



Seo Ye Ji (The Night Watchman's Journal) plays a new lead character created for the drama who is “like a flower in the rough world of the homeless.” She is a nurse at a free clinic and takes care of Yoon Kye Sang's character when he becomes homeless. 

Park Ye Jin (Mr. Baek) plays Lee Bum Soo's coldhearted and beautiful assistant, who helped create “The Club,” an entertainment venue where he entertains his important criminal guests. 

Park Won Sang (Healer) plays a former boxer-turned-thug who now works for Lee Bum Soo as his right hand man. 

Last is based on a popular webtoon but is being written for the screen by Han Ji Hoon (TaegukgiTime of Dog and Wolf) and directed by Jo Nam Gook (The Chaser, Empire of Gold). 

The series will premiere next week on DramaFever. Sign up HERE for new episode alerts!