A new culinary Korean drama http://1hop.co/oujcu/jrxgt/">Late Night Restaurant, starring Kim Seung Woo and Winner's Nam Tae Hyun, is coming soon to DramaFever! The unique plot promises to make for a heartwarming and touching show. Let's take a look! 


A mysterious restaurant open only from midnight until 7am is run by a chef (Kim Seung Woo) who only makes what his customers ask for. Along with delicious food, the master chef provides a listening ear for what troubles his customers. 


Posters and Stills

Nam Tae Hyun of the K-pop group Winner is making his acting debut as a hard working and poor student who is working multiple part time jobs. 

Late Night Restaurant will premiere on Wednesday, July 15th here on DramaFever. Sign up HERE for new episode alerts!