There's a massive new melodrama coming to DramaFever. Monster, starring Kang Ji HwanSung Yu Ri, and Park Ki Woong (in his first post-military role), is an intense 50-episode melodrama from the writer behind hits like Empress Ki and Giant.


Recovering from the 1997 financial crisis, Kang Ki Tan (Kang Ji Hwan) sets out in present day to get revenge and take back his life. 




Lee Ki Kwang and Lee Yeol Eum as the younger versions of Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri's characters

Not sure what this transformation is all about, but we'll take it!

The stills have really played up the bromance between Kang Ji Hwan and Park Ki Woong.

Of course, we can't forget leading lady Sung Yu Ri, who is teaming up with Kang Ji Hwan for the third time! The two were previously costars in both Hong Gil Dong and Runway Cop. At least we know they have chemistry!

Actress Kim Soo Hyun (who often goes by Soo Hyun to avoid confusion with the actor) rounds out the main characters, though the extended cast is packed with familiar faces.

In case you needed extra encouragement to watch, here are some stills of a very dapper Chen Bolin in his cameo!

Monster will premiere on DramaFever on April 8. Add the series to your queue below!