We have an exciting high school action series coming your way with the KBS drama Moorim School, starring Lee Hyun WooSeo Ye Ji, VIXX's Hongbin, and more! Check it out:


A diverse set of students and teachers come together from all around the world and show that education isn't only what you learn from books. The martial arts school teaches the virtues of honesty, faith, sacrifice and communication instead of focusing on high academic scores.

Posters and stills:

Lee Hyun Woo stars as Yoon Shi Woo, a top idol whose career is ruined by hearing loss. When he ends up at the mysterious Moorim School, he learns to change his selfish, rude ways.

Hongbin plays Wang Chi Ang, Shi Woo's roommate. He's a rich troublemaker used to getting his way and living a carefree life. Looks like we can expect a sweet bromance between these two!

Seo Ye Ji plays Sim Soon Duk, a hardworking girl who secretly attends Moorim School while caring for her blind father.

Rounding out the apparent love square is Jeong Eugene (Because It's the First Time) as Hwang Sun Ae, the headmaster's daughter and a star student with a strong sense of justice.

Veteran actor Shin Hyun Joon plays Hwang Moo Song, the school's headmaster and Sun Ae's father.


What do you think of the cast and the premise? The posters made me feel like it was K-drama Hogwarts or something, which definitely has me intrigued!

Moorim School will premiere on DramaFever on Monday, January 11. Catch the premiere by signing up for a new episode alert HERE!