Is there such a thing as fate, and is it strong enough to pull two people together through time? Upcoming Korean drama My Love Eun Dong (also called Beloved Eun Dong), starring Kim Sa Rang and Joo Jin Mo, traces the undying love between a couple who is repeatedly thrown together only to be torn back apart over the course of 20 years. Let's take a look! 

In 1995, Eun Ho, (GOT7's Jr) is a reckless 17 year old who lives an intense and careless life. 

When he finds and rescues the 13-year-old orphan Eun Dong (Lee Ja In) at the scene of an accident, he falls in love with her joyful and bright nature and vows to take care of her. 

Unfortunately, the two are separated, and Eun Ho is left without knowledge of where Eun Dong is sent.

Ten years later, Eun Ho (now played by Baek Sung Hyun) and Eun Dong (now played by Yoon So Hee) have another fateful encounter when Eun Ho rescues Eun Dong at the scene of a bike accident. 

The two reestablish their relationship, this time falling madly in love with each other. 

But fate tears them apart once again when Eun Dong disappears without explanation. 

Another ten years later, Ji Eun Ho (now played by Joo Jin Mo) has become one of the most famous and talented actors in Korea. He has it all but he still can't forget the woman who has possessed his heart for 20 years now. 

He decides that the best way to find his long lost love is to write an autobiography featuring her name in the title. When reporters question him about the woman in the title, he tells them she is his true love whom he has not forgotten for 20 years.

Because Eun Ho has never written a book, he decides to hire a ghost-writer, Jung Eun (Kim Sa Rang). Eun Ho dictates recollection and passes the audio recording to Jung Eun. When Jung Eun begins to listen to the recordings, she feels as though she is hearing her own love story. 

Will the pair fall in love all over again despite not knowing each other's true identity?

My Love Eun Dong is a JTBC series written by Baek Mi Kyung and directed by Lee Tae Gon of Queen In Soo fame. The series is scheduled to premiere on May 29 after the conclusion of Falling In Love With Soon Jung here on DramaFever. Become a fan HERE to sign up for new episode alerts now!