No Min Woo is back with his first-ever lead role in the K-drama My Unfortunate Boyfriend! This time he is teaming up with Yang Jin Sung for the new romantic comedy in which he plays the honest and upright unfortunate boyfriend of a lying and cheating woman. Let's take a look!


An unlikely love story between a woman who is willing to lie whenever necessary and a man who firmly believes in the truth. Ji Na (Yang Jin Sung) is an ambitious and driven young woman looking to climb up the corporate ladder. Things take a turn when she crosses paths with Yoon Tae Yoon (No Min Woo), a naive and innocent man who owns a flower shop. Unbeknownst to her, he's also the nephew of the corporation she's working for.


No Min Woo plays a character who is innocent and honest, almost to a fault. He naively believes that truth will always prevail, to the consternation of those around him. (Pretty much the exact opposite of his last character in Greatest Marriage!) 


On the opposite end of the spectrum, his love interest, played by Yang Jin Sung, is a scheming woman who will do anything to get ahead in her career. (Pretty much the exact opposite of her last character in Bride of the Century!) 

The second male and female leads will be played Yoon Hak of boy band Supernova and Han Hye Rin.

Han Hye Rin plays the daughter of a rich family who is fighting to get the man she has her eye on. 

My Unfortunate Boyfriend is directed by the director of Full House: Take 2, and will premiere exclusively on DramaFever on April 10. Sing up for new episode alerts HERE

Won't it be fun to see the two main actors play roles that are so different than their last roles? I'm excited to see how they balance each other out as their relationship develops!

To see Yang Jin Sung's dual roles, check out Bride of the Century: