We are very pleased to announce that Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace is coming to DramaFever!

In the grandest tradition of such fabulous historical dramas as The Empress of China and The Legend of Zhen Huan, the new drama brings to life the vivid and passionate story about Ruyi and the powerful emperor she loved. China's top actors Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo play the leading couple. Let's take a first look!

Marrying the emperor was easy, but now comes the hard part: staying alive. After Ruyi married Prince Hongli, who ascended to the throne at the peak of the Qing dynasty as the world famous Emperor Qianlong, she would discover that scheming fights in the inner palace among the beautiful consorts and concubines are as fierce and perhaps even more cold-hearted as those fought on the battlefields.


Ula-Nara Ruyi (Zhou Xun, Our Time Will Come, Painted Skin) is the “Step Empress” of the Qianlong Emperor. Strong, beautiful, and kind, she falls in love with the Emperor immediately. Because of the disgrace with which her clan is looked upon in the empire, she is merely a secondary wife to the Emperor, or the “Step Empress.” Even though she is not the main royalty, she is still a target for death and conspiracy in the palace. Aisin-Gioro Hongli (Wallace Huo, Imperial Doctress, Love Me If You Dare), also known as the Qianlong Emperor, is the sixth emperor of the famous Qing dynasty. Born into privilege and power but still suffering in his personal relationships, he is an insecure and selfish man. He rules only to protect himself and doesn’t trust anyone, even the wife that loves him most.

Keliyete Hailan (Janine Chang, The Empress of China, Here to Heart), or Noble Consort Yu, is the loyal friend to Ula Nara Ruyi. A former embroiderer who was given status of Mistress courtesy of the Step Empress, Noble Consort Yu is also the mother of the Emperor’s favorite son. As a result, she is a highly influential figure in the palace and a valuable ally in the Step Empress’ fight. Fuca Langhua (Dong Jie, Secret of the Three Kingdoms), better known as Empress Xiaoxianchun, is another one of the Emperor’s wives. Shrewd and ambitious, she genuinely loves the Emperor and wants to be his sole bride. As a result, she launches attack after attack on Ula-Nara Ruyi. However, in her passion and arrogance, she makes quite a few mistakes that cost her something big. As Ula-Nara Ruyi and Aisin-Gioro Hongli find themselves tested by both personal differences and conspiracies in the palace, their relationship slowly dissolves. And as they find more and more trouble, Ruyi soon learns the ugly truth about royal love in the palace.

Also known as “The Legend of Ruyi,” Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is based on the novel Hou "Gong Ru Yi Zhuan" by Liu Lianzi, who also wrote "The Legend of Zhen Huan" that was adapted into the stellar series, The Empresses of the Palace. It is directed by Wang Jun and adapted for the screen by Liu Lianzi. It aired in 2018.


A look at when Prince Hongli selected his future wives: (His choice is not what his mother wants.)

(Sorry, no English subs yet. Please watch the series on DramaFever.)

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Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace is slated to premier on DramaFever on August 22.

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Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace - 如懿传

Starring Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo

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