We're excited to announce that the upcoming SBS series Remember, starring Yoo Seung HoPark Min YoungNamgoong Min, and Park Sung Woong, will be coming to DramaFever on December 9! Take a look at the first character stills and shots from the first script reading to catch a glimpse of the talented cast.

Remember tells the story of Seo Jin Woo, a talented attorney who suffers from hyperthymesia, an autobiographical memory. He uses his memory to his advantage when his father is falsely convicted of a crime and sentenced to death, but suddenly Jin Woo's memory begins to fade with early-onset Alzheimer's. 

Park Min Young costars as Lee In Ah, Jin Woo's childhood friend. She is an optimistic, quirky law student who isn't sure if the law is a good fit for her until she hears about Jin Woo's father's case. As she stays by his side, her feelings of friendship begin to evolve into more.

The cast gathered for a script reading on November 6.

I can't get over how mature Yoo Seung Ho looks now that he's back from military service! He's all grown up!

In the first stills, we see Namgoong Min, who plays an evil chaebol heir who puts our heroes into danger. All he needs is a mustache to twirl, and he'll be all set!

Lee Shi Un plays Namgoon Min's right hand man and former schoolmate:

Park Sung Woong is a former mob lawyer who now works to save lives. He teams up with Jin Woo, but his secret past complicates his involvement.

Eom Hyo Sub will play the prosecutor in Jin Woo's father's case.

What do you think of the casting and stills? Are you excited to see Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young face off against Namgoong Min? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Remember premieres on DramaFever on December 9. Sign up HERE for new episode alerts!

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