With just one week until it's premiere, School 2015 has released its first trailer about the struggles of young love and friendship at 18 years old, "the prettiest age." Let's take a look at this coming-of-age drama about the realities of being a teenager in modern Korea, starring Kim So Hyun, BtoB's Yook Sung Jae, and Nam Joo Hyuk


Lee Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun), a student at Gangnam's top high school, suddenly and mysteriously wakes up with total amnesia. However, when she discovers she was once cruelly bullied, Eun Bi becomes determined to right the wrongs of her past by transforming herself into a popular and glamorous girl. But along the way, she begins to recover fragments of her memories that slowly reveal the insidious truths of Segang High School...



Kim So Hyun plays the bullied Lee Eun Bi, who loses her memory and comes back as the most popular girl in school.  

Nam Joo Hyuk’s character is a famous swimming star who is cold and moody on the outside but warmhearted on the inside. 

Yook Sung Jae’s character is Nam Joo Hyuk's foil, a crazy, free-spirited troublemaker.  

David Lee  will play Park Min Joon, an honor student at Segang High School. He was born to study, and his peers call him the "Study Robot." He will play a rival to Kim So Hyun's character Eun Byul.

And of course, there appears to be a love triangle! Who do you hope she ends up with?

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