The King's Face, a new historical drama starring Seo In Guk Shin Sung Rok and Jo Yoon Hee, is coming our way on November 26th after the conclusion of Blade Man, and a new teaser and stills have just been released. Let's take a look at what this drama is all about! 


Though Crown Prince Kwanghae (Seo In Gook) is the son of a concubine and has always had the question of birthright looming over his head, he is eventually deemed the approved successor to the throne. But shortly after his father's passing, the royal edict is destroyed, giving the Northern faction the opportunity to contest his rule. Without any piece of evidence that can confirm his legitimacy, Prince Kwanghae must rely on the only thing that connects him to the royal bloodline: his own face. When the Crown Prince's claim to the throne is threatened, he must rely on physiognomy — face reading — to foretell his future and prove that he is the one true king.


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First Script Reading


Seo In Guk looks good in that hanbok in his very first historical drama. His character is described as a young man who pretends to be playful in order to escape possible rivalry with his father the king, but actually harbors a sharp and ambitious mind.

Shin Sung Rok plays the serious face-reader who helps him take the throne.

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This drama will be full of courtly, political intrigue and conspiracies. 

Don't let these stills of the prince and the king fool you. They are actually deadly rivals in the drama.

And here's the woman, played by Jo Yoon Hee, who manages to get not only the prince, but also his father the king, AND the face reader to all fall in love with her!

This looks like a historical drama I could really get into! Sign up for new episode alerts HERE