The latest teasers and trailer are out for the upcoming JTBC series Falling in Love with Soon Jung (also called Falling in Love with Innocence), and the show looks sexy, funny, and dramatic all at once! Take a look:

Falling in Love with Soon Jung is about a cold-hearted man (Jung Kyung Ho) who has a literal change of heart after a heart transplant surgery. He suddenly finds himself falling for his secretary (Kim So Yeon). Yoon Hyun Min rounds or the love triangle as Kim So Yeon's lifelong friend who she somehow never dated (How is this possible????) 

What do you think of the cast and the trailers? The two teasers were so lighthearted, but based on that trailer, we have some serious tears coming our way if he took her dead boyfriend's heart. Of course, one major element in the "win" column for this series is that Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min will be reprising their bromantic awesomeness from Heartless City!

Falling in Love with Soon Jung will premiere April 3 on DramaFever. You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE