We have an exciting new thriller coming our way, and the top-notch cast and intriguing premise already have me hooked! TvN series Signal is inspired by the popular film Memories of a Murder, and it stars Kim Hye SooLee Je Hoon, and Jo Jin Woong in a story about police officers who communicate with the past over a two-way radio. Take a look!


Lee Je Hoon and Kim Hye Soo play detectives on the same task force who work on solving cold cases. They are able to communicate with a detective from the past (Jo Jin Woong) via a two-way radio, and together they work to uncover new clues and solve old crimes.



What do you think of the cast and premise? Are you excited for this series? Signal premieres exclusively on DramaFever on January 22 following the conclusion of Answer Me 1988. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE!