The first teaser for the upcoming historical Korean drama">Six Flying Dragons (a prequel to Tree with Deep Roots), which stars Yoo Ah InKim Myung Min, and Shin Se Kyung, has just been released, and it's epic, to say the least! Let's take a look! 


In a turbulent time at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty, General Lee rises to take control and lay the foundation for the most powerful Korean era yet, the Joseon Dynasty, becoming its first king. After his passing, power and political turmoil abound as his ambitious heirs fight with each other and their political rivals to claim the crown. Six Flying Dragons followers the ascension to power by the king's fifth son, Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In), who is destined to become Joseon’s third king.


We have yet to see any posters, teasers, or stills featuring Shin Se Kyung, who will play Yoo Ah In's strong and pure-hearted love interest, or the rest of the cast. This drama will be Shin Se Kyung's third time working in a sageuk with the writers for this series following her roles in both Queen Seon Duk and Tree with Deep Roots. It will also be a reunion with leading man Yoo Ah In, who was her costar in Fashion King.">Six Flying Dragons airs on DramaFever beginning October 5. Sign up HERE for new episode alerts! 

Are you excited to watch this stunning new historical drama?