You may have become used to seeing Namgoong Min play a creepy bad guy, but based on the new posters, trailers, and behind-the-scenes videos for his upcoming romantic comedy Beautiful Gong Shim, it seems that his costar Min Ah is able to bring out his fun and playful side! Here's what to expect from this lighthearted springtime K-drama that's sure to put a smile on your face: 


Though Gong Shim (Kwon Min Ah) has a heart of gold, she's resigned to living under the shadow of her sister Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim), who inherited both beauty and brains. Meanwhile, two half-brothers—Ahn Dan Tae (Nam Goong Min), a class-warrior, and Suk Joon Soo (Oh Joo Wan), a chaebol heir—couldn't have any less in common besides their mutual interest in Gong Shim.

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Behind the Scenes 



Press Conference

This drama is sure to be funny and romantic because it is by the same team who produced Sensory Couple, one of my favorite dramas! Beautiful Gong Shim is coming to DramaFever on May 17th. Add it to your queue now:

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Beautiful Gong Shim

Starring Namgoong Min and Bang Min Ah

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