Lee Seung Gi is dashing! The Love Forecast actor is finally ready to head back to work after having completed his mandatory military duty on October 31. The first thing he booked post-military was a photo shoot with the well-known star and style magazine @Star1. For his photo spread, he wore a variety of light and dark colored winter coats paired with turtleneck sweaters and jeans. The 30-year-old actor and singer looked as debonair as ever! During an exclusive interview with @Star1, he compared civilian life to his days in the military and revealed why he chose the tvN drama Hwayugi as his comeback project.

“I actually participated in all the marches, even the ones that I didn’t need to. My competitive spirit grew while I was in the army, so I wanted to experience everything I could. Lee Seung Gi as a celebrity has a set path in terms of activities, but special forces’ soldier Lee Seung Gi was someone who challenged everything to the limit," he honestly admitted. 

Lee is excited to work on the supernatural series Hwayugi. He can't wait to fight evil spirits in the upcoming Hong Sisters drama. “First of all, the script was so fun. I’ve also worked with the Hong sisters before so I believe in them. More than anything, I thought that I could portray [the character] well.”

Lee Seung Gi is planning a dual comeback with the new film titled Martial Harmony, which co-stars Shim Eun Kyung. The movie was filmed in 2015, but they apparently saved the production until Lee's military discharge. The story about a princess determined to marry someone she loves is aiming for release this year, while Hwayugi is scheduled to premiere on TvN next month. 

The actor is starring in both an upcoming rom-com and a supernatural series. What is your favorite genre to see Lee Seung Gi in?


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