Fans were shocked to see Bromance star Baron Chen in a wheelchair when he returned to Taiwan for surgery in May. The handsome leading man was injured a serious fall during filming for a Chinese variety show. What has been happening since then? Can Baron return to work yet? Check out these new photos and his own answers.

After his surgery in May, Baron has picked up painting as a hobby during his recuperation. With his new mustache and beard, he looks like an aspiring artist who is honing his craft. 

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More information about his physical condition and future plans was revealed when Baron went on a live stream broadcast on August 18. He appeared to be in an upbeat mood as he chatted and answered personal questions from fans.

He showed his scar from the knee surgery, and said he is still recuperating. He cannot run yet, nor can he kneel down much.

Asked about his new facial hair, he said when the right person asked him to shave, he would do it, although he might go ahead and shave his head too to become a monk. (Just kidding, right, Baron?)

Fans enchanted by the hit romcom Bromance have wished for Baron and co-star Megan Lai to take their on-screen romance to real life. Baron said, however, that the mystery woman on his painting was not Megan, but more of someone who could be described as his "future daughter." 

He then did a quick caricature based on Megan Lai's photo during the live stream, while inadvertently revealed that he's always admired Megan's physique. 

Baron watched the movie Me Before You while he was in the hospital, and he said the movie made him yearn for "a normal, everyday love."  (Me Before You, starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, is about a young woman who becomes a caregiver for a paralyzed and cynical man, and the two would bond and change each other's life forever.)

That insight helped him decide to accept an offer to appear on Mango TV's new reality program called The Bachelor (黃金單身漢). He admitted that he might not find true love, but the process and experience should be interesting and can even be help viewers get dating advice. He also promised his fans by saying the program would be "highly intellectual."

(The poster lists Baron's name as River Chen, which matches his Chinese name.)

Are you interested in applying to be on The Bachelor program? The new show will start in October with 25 women vying for Baron's attention. Application is open now through September 17 to Mango TV.

In the meantime, we hope for Baron's speedy and full recovery.


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