His face at times looking pensive and other times carefree, we see Lee Min Ho as a young man on a quest to embrace joy and harmony in nature. It's a provocative look and feel, and it leads us further into anticipation for Lee Min Ho's upcoming tour that starts this October. Let's watch the first official teaser video from the RE: MINHO 2014 Global Tour. We also have updated information about his tour.

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Beijing, China, October 4, 2014, Mastercard Center

Tokyo, Japan, October 12 and 13, 2014, Kakusai Forum

Guanzhou, China, October 26, 2014, International Sports & Entertainment Center

Nanjing, China, November 1, 2014, Olympic Sports Center

Singapore, November 9, 2014, Singapore Indoor Stadium

Shanghai, China, November 22, 2014, Benz Arena



He will be releasing his second album, titled Song For You in early October to coincide with his tour, where he'll be performing new songs from the album. It's also been reported that at the Beijing tour, some lucky fans will enjoy "Zero Distance" with Lee Min Ho and play interactive games with him. Fans will also receive a surprise mystery gift at the tour.