Here is something that you probably have never heard said before, and rightfully so, "My ice cream could really use a little bit more of a fish taste." However, a vendor in Japan is selling a new ice cream that tastes like Yesso scallops, the country's popular food dish!

Located at the Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center, the ice cream counter proudly displays a sign by the register that reads: “The saltiness and sweetness of scallops is the best match for fresh milk.” We can think of some things that are a better match for fresh milk than scallops, like, anything else! The ice cream costs about 200 yen or $2 American dollars. NOTE: If you want to try and make this at home, we do not recommend putting your pet fish in ice cream. That's just wrong.

Do you want ice cream that tastes like these? Probably not.

Signs for the scallop treat!

The fishy ice cream!