T-ara Eunjung Yein E&M, the production company behind Five Fingers, has finally released a letter apologizing to T-ara for removing her from the project without telling her or her agency. It's been a rough couple of months for Eunjung, between the bullying scandal and losing this contract, so hopefully this letter can finally give her the closure to move on. In the letter they state, "We reported that Eunjung has been dropped from the drama without informing her. We regret that the actress had to hear about this through the media." They do their best to squelch things once and for all by saying, "We apologize for hurting the actress with the news about her dismissal and news about loss of production costs. We will work hard to restore Eunjung's reputation, and any losses this may have caused her. We hope that she will recover from this. We will try for this situation to never happen again. We apologize to the Association of Celebrity Management.” Here's hoping Eunjung can bounce back with a new project. Would you like to see Eunjung take on another drama?