Are you a fan of strong female characters? Do you enjoy office romances? Don't miss this new Chinese drama,Across the Ocean to See You starring Wang Li Kun and Zhu Ya Wen and directed by Chen Ming Zhang. 

Reason 1. Zhu Ya Wen

For starters he's called "Walking Hormones" in China! Zhu Ya Wen started his acting career from 2008 when He played a role in Pathfinding to the Northeast, which also got him Award for Best New Actor on Shanghai Film Festival. He was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor on 40th International Emmy Awards (2012). He played Zheng Chu as a picky travel advisor in Across the Ocean to See You, who is also heartwarming and humorous. His acting skills are really impressive and you can check his performance on The Witness with Lu Han and Yang Mi.

Reason 2: Director- Chen Ming Zhang

If you love the romantic comedy, you may hear the name of "Chen Ming Zhang". As the same director of Fated to Love You, Love&Life&Lie and Diamond Lover, Chen Ming Zhang directed Across the Ocean to See You to explore a new type of relationship and social agenda.

Reason 3: "Across the Ocean to See You" is actually a popular song written by Jonathan Lee. Inheriting the feelings from the song, this drama also depicts the complicated love and hate relations. The leads Wang Li Kun and Zhu Ya Wen actually sing for the OST for this drama.

Reason 4: Wang Li Kun's wardrobe

Wang Li Kun has totally over hundreds of outfits for this drama. She shows herself as a professional senior manager as well as caring and sweet. Check out her wardrobe here:

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Across the Ocean to See You - 漂洋过海来看你

Starring Wang Li Kun and Zhu Ya Wen

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