Are you a fan of Grey's Anatomy? Do you like Emergency Room? If so, you don't want to miss this new Chinese drama called Surgeons. With an excellent casts, compelling storyline and high-quality production, Surgeons stands out not only as medical drama but also a romantic comedy!

Check out these five reasons that you have to start watching this drama RIGHT NOW!

#1. Dr Amazing Zhuang Shu played by Jin Dong

Jin Dong is an outstanding actor who plays the role of Dr. Zhuang Shu, from the States! Plus, he can cook!

Also did we mention, that he's an excellent surgeon?!

He knows how to take care of people, especially the ones he cares for!

What else do you want from this Dr. Amazing?

#2. A-tier Production Team

Did you like the storyline When A Snail Falls in Love? Did you fall in love with Nirvana in FireSurgeons is actually produced by the same production team. This medical romance directed by Li Xue (Nirvana in Fire) and written by Zhu Zhu (screenwriter for When a Snail Falls in Love). You can find Surgeons as a medical version of Nirvana in Fire, and twisted with the love story line. 

#3. Excellent supporting casts

You can find a couple of familiar faces in this drama, who played out other impressive characters.

Liu Yi Jun as Yang Fan who also played in Xie Yu in Nirvana in Fire.

Yang Xin Ming as Dr Zhong who is also professor Chen in Candle in the tomb

He Du Juan as Chu Jun also played Wei Mei Ren in The Legend of Mi Yue

Lan Ying Ying as Yang Yu also played Huan Bi in Empresses in the Palace

#4. Bai Bai He as Lu Chen Xi 

As a female lead in this drama, Lu Chen Xi's character seems to be a little annoying, to begin with. However as the story goes, we can see her growth day by day, becoming more mature and sophisticated.

Bai Bai He was called "The Queen of the Office Box" since her movie somehow perform really well, such as "Monster Hunt", "Love is not blind" or "Go Away Mr Tumer" 

#5. The Story

This medical drama about a man’s quest to redeem his family’s name and find the evil that destroyed them many years ago. Similar to Doctor Crush and Nirvana in Fire, the old myth mixed with all kinds of medical incidents make it all the more intriguing, not to mention the love twist between two leads and their family history. You may become more addicted as the story goes, not only about the sparks of love but also the integrity and dignity as surgeons.

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Surgeons (Stories Behind OR) - 外科风云

Starring Jin Dong and Bai Bai He

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