Confession time. There are a lot of new releases coming to DramaFever this month, but the one I am most excited about, and, depending on how you weigh the need to refresh the page to see if the first episode is up yet (BTW, it is!!!), one might even say crushing on, is Jung Il Woo’s web series,High End Crush. How I am eagerly anticipating this show, let me count the ways (or at least the top five).

1. The Rich Boy Jung Il Woo

Two words. Kimchi kiss. From Flower Boy Ramen Shop to 49 Days, Jung Il Woo is the swooniest of swoon-worthy actors, and his kisses are are what biases are made from. I don’t know if kimchi will play a major role in this web series or not (probably not), but I will eagerly watch all 20 episodes for even a hint of those passionate kisses he is famous for. I ship him so bad I'd even settle for a strong back hug.

2. The Poor Girl Jin Se Yun

Jin Se Yun is probably best known for her role opposite Joo Won in Bridal Mask or Lee Jong Suk in Doctor Stranger, as well as racking up more than a few acting awards. Melodramas are great and all, but I am so ready to watch her in something where I don’t have to cry so many tears that I single-handedly solve the drought problems of California. It will be fun to see her in something lighter (and my tear ducts will thank her for the respite). 

3. All about Chemistry

All online chatter around this show points to the word we drama lovers love to hear most. Well, after So Ji Sub saying "saranghae." These two actors have Chemistry (note the capital C). From the first table read, Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yun were crackling, though I am fairly certain that Jung Il Woo could bat those amazing eyelashes at anyone and make the chemistry come alive. I may start a petition arguing that Jung Il Woo needs his own element on the periodic table. I mean, the man made Kimchi sexy

4. The short, binge-easy bites

High End Crush is a web series, which means that each episode is between fifteen and twenty minutes, or bite-sized. Ergo, the binging is faster and less guilt-inducing, and you can down a whole show and still go to bed before the sun rises. Trust me, I may have tested this once or twice. I have found these web series to be the perfect pairing to a full-length series that has me antsy to wait for the next episode (hint, hint Cheese in the Trap, you delicious torment you). In the food pyramid of K-dramas, a web series is the perfect wine to pair with a full course show. 

5. Love, Love, Love

The original title for this drama was The Greatest One-Sided Love No One Has Ever Seen Before. Now, besides my great relief that they edited down that mouthful, I am also very excited that this hints at Jung Il Woo's character falling hard, fast, and early in the show. And the trailers imply the same. I love when the male lead is just an idiot in love. But seriously, do we even need a fifth reason? Pretty sure Jung Il Woo is enough reason to watch anything, including paint drying. 

So what are you waiting for? Episode 1 is now available. Let the crushing begin.