If, like me, you are obsessively refreshing your computer browser hoping the newest episode of Cheese in the Trap is now available, then you already know how dangerously addictive this show is. If, for some reason that I can only guess involves being marooned on a desert island without WiFi, you don’t know about this show yet, prepare yourself. Because just like the lead heroine in the show, you’ll be reeled into the drama faster than you can say “saranghae.”

1. The Male Leads

Oh. My. Where oh where has Park Hae Jin’s Yoo Jung been hiding my whole life? He’s hot, he’s cold, and he’s so, so up to something. Or is he? And when you aren’t busy being hypnotized by his beautiful, suspicious eyes, note that his wardrobe of pants are so tight they are basically painted on. If you can tear yourself away from Hot Pants Jung, as I have just now dubbed him, you’ll also notice the attractive bad boy antics of Seo Kang Joon’s Baek in Ho, or as I like to call him, Cha Do Hyun Jr. from Kill Me, Heal Me. I just cannot emote enough how watching this show is like being cradled in a warm bubble bath of adorably wicked men.

2. The Soul of Seol

I am only two episodes in, but Hong Seol is clearly smart, spunky, loyal, and I totally want to be her friend. The role was originally offered to Suzy, on whom I have a girl crush,  but I really love Kim Go Eun's version of Hong Seol. I don’t even mind her crazy hair. Many a K-drama heroine has tried to pull off the curly bangs, but Kim Go Eun is the rare actress who can do it without looking ridiculous. 

3. The Supporting Cast

Seol and her friend Jang Bo Ra and their lackey Kwon Eun Taek are an awesome trio, and the chemistry between Bo Ra and Eun Taek is akin to Wild Romance in terms of me wanting as much screen time with the supporting cast as with the anyone else. (And what Eun Taek is willing to do for a kiss on the cheek had me laughing out loud for days.) I love when every character in a show seems to have a personality and a point for existing in the story besides just keeping the two main characters apart. If you like a full cast of characters, this is a show to check out. 

4. The Twisty Plot

I’ll admit I am not familiar with the webtoon that this is based off of, so I don’t know where the storyline is going (and don’t you dare ruin it for me in the comments, friends!). But I like that I can’t tell who is good or bad yet, and I don’t know which male lead to root for (though who to root against is pretty obvious and enjoyable, cough, cough Nam Joo Yeon). K-dramas have so much going for them, but at times the plots can feel a teeny bit predictable. For now at least, this show has me looking forward to what will happen next and not sure what to expect.

5. The OST

"Cheese in the trap." Never thought you’d find me singing those words out loud. And yet here I am, thanks to Twenty Years Old's titular song from the show's soundtrack. Take a break from the EXO and give this OST a try. It will almost help you get through until the next episode. Almost.

So there are my reasons to be crushing on Cheese in the Trap. Why are you loving this show? If you haven't seen it yet, check out the premiere below: