The "Print Club," the Japanese photo booth that reached its peak of popularity almost fifteen years ago, has been quietly evolving ever since, and now it's back, better than it ever was, and it's ready to take over again.

When the Print Club was at the peak of its popularity, there were literally whole buildings that housed these machines, giant arcades equipped solely with these photo booths. They were all over the place. Girls' cellphones were covered in printed out stickers shot in the booths, and practically every single Japanese person had at taken a Print Club photo at least once in their lives.

The fad quieted down eventually, but now it's coming back. The Print Clubs of today make the ones of yesteryear seem completely obsolete. The machines have been evolving, and now these photo booths in Japan can do some pretty crazy things.

Here is a list of five things you can only do in a photo booth in Japan.

1. Beauty photo with the Pretty Face Balance Feature

Original photo

Pretty Face Balance Photo

2. Choose your favorite legs

3. Eyelashes, one-touch eye makeup, and color contacts

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4. Don't want to get the photos printed? Get them sent to your phone.

(The photo you took on March 10th has arrived!)

5. 3D figure shot in a photo booth!