It's been over a month since the historical drama, The Empress of China made waves online when censors decided to cut back on the show's cleavage shots. But the controversy surrounding the show really hasn't seem to hurt The Empress of China's popularity.

If you need further proof that the high budget show has reached critical mass, look no further than these Sichuan flight attendant trainees who recently cosplayed as The Empress of China characters.

The cosplay photos were taken in a flight cabin model and show the trainees fully decked out in attire inspired by the historical drama. Netizens have greeted the photos with praise and no matter what your feelings are about The Empress of China, you have to admire the flight attendant's incredible attention to detail in recreating the characters elaborate costumes and makeup.

In fact, their cosplay is so good that you can barely even tell that some of the flight attendants in the pictures are actually men: