choi jin hyuk

Choi Jin Hyuk recently went out on a date with a fan! It’s totally true! Why would I waste my time lying to you guys about something that benefits me in no way whatsoever?! (o_0) But before you really go and flip those tables and smash some flower pots, you probably should know it wasn’t a real date. Remember in Secret Garden when Gil Ra Im won a date with Oska? It’s like the same thing. There was a special “Movie Date Event with Choi Jin Hyuk” event where over 38,000 fans entered in hopes of seeing a movie and having dinner with Kang Chi’s sexy daddy. The lucky girl chosen was a 23 year old college student. She said he was really nice to her, made her comfortable, and of course she would always remember her date with him. Choi Jin Hyuk also said he had a great time and hopes he can spend more time in the future with his fans. That’s so nice, I’m happy for them both but, I kind of, sort of, still want to flip a table and rage out (-_-).


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