Episode ten opens with Chi-Soo picking bits of egg out of his hair and confirming to himself that the only feelings he had towards Eun-Bi were feelings of shame. He swears to the sky above that he will get her back for all she's done to him, but when he goes to the ramen shop and sees her and Kang-Hyuk almost kissing, he seems to realize his feelings are a bit more complicated. Ugh, they just need to make out already.

Kang-Hyuk and Eun-Bi didn't totally kiss, though, because she's a klutz and she sneezed and ruined the moment. But the almost-kiss sends Eun-Bi reeling. Could she finally be falling for Kang-Hyuk? It seems so! Part of me is like, "No! You have to be with Chi-Soo!" but another part of me is like, "Good for you! Chi-Soo is a jerk!" but the biggest part of me is like, "When can I cuddle with Hyun-Woo?" I think I make three very excellent points here.Next we see President Cha's adviser showing his boss a diagram he has made trying to account for all the changes in Chi-Soo's behavior. It seems they all come back to Yang Eun Bi. It also seems that although Chi-Soo doesn't always make it to school, he always makes it to his job at the ramen shop, which gets him good press. President Cha seems somewhat pleased by this and thinks it's a good idea to let things stay the way they are/the way they're going because his company may need Eun-Bi when they take over the ramen shop. I have a feeling this whole ramen-shop-takeover isn't going to go over all too well.

Anyhow, back at the ramen shop Eun-Bi and Kang-Hyuk are flirting with eachother hardcore and it drives Chi-Soo INSANE. He leaves his radish station and tells Eun-Bi he needs to was his hands, but really he goes to the cafe where Hyun-Woo is working (wait! he has TWO jobs?! why do all the good men live in Korean TV shows?!) and asks his advice. He's trying to understand what the burning feeling is inside him that pops up whenever he sees Eun-Bi with Kang-Hyuk. Hyun-Woo tells him it's jealousy, but that's not an easy pill for Chi-Soo to swallow.

Meanwhile, So-Yi comes into the ramen shop looking for either Chi-Soo or Ba-Ool, she doesn't care which one. She sits at a table and eats like a bird with Eun-Bi who was in the middle of trying to figure out Chi-Soo's feelings for her (by drawing a diagram). So-Yi tells Eun-Bi that Chi-Soo completely writes off girls who cry in front of him as "crap." This is confusing to Eun-Bi because she was on the track of figuring out that he really likes her, but now she's not so sure.

Later on, we see So-Yi parting ways with a male friend in a park where Ba-Ool has been waiting for her with a giant teddy bear. Ba-Ool gets insanely jealous and declares that the teddy bear is now his girlfriend and he leaves So-Yi in the park.Chi-Soo makes it back to the ramen shop. He's looking up the definition of jealousy in the dictionary and is interrupted by Eun-Bi. They're going to work on developing ramen recipe's based on what they know of eachother, but first they decide to have dinner. And by dinner I mean Eun-Bi orders chicken feet at a restaurant. This really grosses Chi-Soo out, but he has other things bothering him. He finally comes out with it and asks what Eun-Bi's relationship is to Kang-Hyuk. She calls him her honey. She expresses that she's tired of putting her heart on the line for men who don't respond, and she thinks she's ready to start dating someone who's ready to give himself to her. Chi-Soo is mortally offended because he once believed that he was her honey.

Chi-Soo and Ba-Ool both scream about their less-than-ideal romantic situations. They scream like animals. Everyone screams so much on this show. Ba-Ool goes back to the ramen shop to look for the calming medication. I wonder what kind it is. Chi-Soo follows him to give Kang-Hyuk some advice. He tells Kang-Hyuk to be careful with Eun-Bi and that he should stop if he's just trying to get in her pants. Kang-Hyuk assures Chi-Soo that he's really committed to her and that he wants to be a "pillar" for her. This really upsets Chi-Soo. It's because he's jealous, but he still doesn't realize that yet.Eun-Bi and Kang-Hyuk are really starting to get serious with eachother. Like going on dates and everything. She tells this to her BFF Dong-Joo who's ecstatic for her. Chi-Soo finds out that Eun-Bi and Kang-Hyuk are on a date at the movies and he steals Ba-Ool's friend's motorbike to break it up. Ba-Ool follows closely behind from a regular bicycle.

At the movie theater, Kang-Hyuk leaves for a few minutes to get Eun-Bi a hair bow she was eying earlier. AWWW! During that time, Chi-Soo barges into the theater, grabs Eun-Bi by the wrist, pulls her outside and FINALLY KISSES HER! The bells of true love start ringing and the episode ends.

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