At the end of episode ten, Chi-Soo finally professes his love for Eun-Bi. Well, I guess he doesn't so much profess it as much as he just kisses her. Hard. On the mouth. In public. Then the two of them ride off together on the motorcycle that Chi-Soo stole from Ba-Ool's friend. And guess who sees them? Nope, it's not the ghost of Christmas Past, it's Kang-Hyuk. Poor Kang-Hyuk! Just when he thought he'd finally won Eun-Bi's trust and affection. I hope he can move on from this, just as long as he keeps his hands off of my boyfriend, Hyun-Woo. Chi-Soo and Eun-Bi go to their usual spot under that bridge (remind me to visit that spot the next time I'm in Korea). They sit in silence for a minute, neither one of them sure of how to handle the situation. Finally Chi-Soo tells Eun-Bi that he's become like some character from a cheesy 80's movie. He sees her everywhere he goes, spiking her volleyball into his heart. He says that even though she dresses tacky, isn't as good-looking as him, and the mole on her face looks like black bean paste, he can't stop thinking about her. I guess he expected this to make her swoon and confess that she loves him too, but it didn't. Instead she's mildly offended and insists that she has to go back to Kang-Hyuk. She tells Chi-Soo he doesn't actually see her, he only sees himself. Ooooh! Icy! Good for her, though. Hopefully this will get him to grow up a little bit and the next time he tells Eun-Bi how he feels, he'll do it in a way that doesn't insult her. Just as long as this means he won't turn gay and go after my boyfriend, Hyun-Woo. Eun-Bi takes a taxi back to the movie theater where Kang-Hyuk is still waiting for her. He doesn't ask questions, or care what happened. The fact that she came back says all he needs to know. Aww! They actually look cute together! He even cuts her food for her and says that he understands a woman's insides are much more complicated than a man's. That's kind of gross, but I'm guessing maybe it lost its charm in translation. Or maybe it's just gross. Kang-Hyuk and Eun-Bi go home together and just as they arrive, Chi-Soo pulls up on his motorcycle. He tells Eun-Bi and Kang-Hyuk that he's just been to his primary physician and it seems he's fallen for Eun-Bi. He grabs her by the wrist and tells her that soon she'll fall for him too. Apparently he's still not quite getting the hang of this romance thing.Next we see Eun-Bi asking her BFF, Dong-Joo, for advice. Dong-Joo can't see any reason why Chi-Soo would be falling for Eun-Bi. She's old, poor, and not that attractive (thanks for the confidence boost, Dong-Joo, what a good friend you are). Finally, she concludes that he's hasn't actually fallen for her, he's just disillusioned. She's the first woman who ever treated him like the brat he is. That must be it... it can't be love... hmmm... Then Eun-Bi asks Dong-Joo, even though she's getting married, if she's completely over Coach. GASP! So it's true! They were a thing! They're totally gonna end up together too. Then Dong-Joo turns the tables and asks Eun-Bi if she REALLY feels nothing for Chi-Soo. She gets really defensive and exclaims how ridiculous it is that she would have feelings for a spoiled high-schooler. That's right, Eun-Bi, keep telling yourself that.Next we learn that Kang-Hyuk has told Eun-Bi and Chi-Soo that they should date, and if Chi-Soo's proves himself a better man then him, he'll congratulate them and let them be. His main concern is that Eun-Bi is happy and taken car of. Uh oh. Could it be possible that now I'm rooting for Kang-Hyuk instead of Chi-Soo? Does it matter? No, because all I care about is... my boyfriend, Hyun-Woo.Meanwhile, So-Yi is jealous that Ba-Ool is spending so much time and energy on worrying about Eun-Bi. DOESN'T FEEL SO GOOD NOW DOES IT? Chi-Soo's father is vehemently against his son dating Eun-Bi. It reminds him too much of the relationship he had with Chi-Soo's mother, who was also poor. "She's ramen and you're caviar!" he exclaims. Chi-Soo acknowledges this, but tells his father that she will be caviar by the time he's done with her. Um, bitch please. Doesn't he know you can't will a person to change? Hasn't he seen 'Pretty Woman'? At the ramen shop, Kang-Hyuk finally has his workers all present the recipes they've concocted based on what they know of their partners. Hyun-Woo presents an overly complicated ramen dish that includes... chocolate. It doesn't go over well. Ba-Ool presents a half-assed ramen dish that includes something that looks like a white slug. It doesn't go over well either. Eun-Bi presents a very promising ramen dish using ingredients that sound very appetizing. Unfortunately, they only SOUND appetizing. Her dish tastes awful. Chi-Soo doesn't participate, of course, and hurries out of the shop with Eun-Bi as soon as the tasting is over. I don't understand why she suddenly bows to Chi-Soo. This isn't the same Eun-Bi who spiked a volleyball into Chi-Soo... Next, President Cha calls Kang-Hyuk to his home to tell him he would like to buy the shop from him to build a new restaurant. Kang-Hyuk declines, telling him it's not just a ramen shop, but a home where kids come to eat. AWW! I take everything I said about Chi-Soo and Eun-Bi back! I want Eun-Bi and Kang-Hyuk together after all! Anyway, President Cha tells him he doesn't have to make a decision right away. Then he tells Kang-Hyuk to fire Chi-Soo and that his son doesn't belong working in a place like that. Kang-Hyuk tells him no again. He says that since working at the shop, Chi-Soo is like his kid. Kang-Hyuk is officially a better person than all of us. And hotter too. But we already knew that. Next we see Eun-Bi and Chi-Soo on a date in a fancy schmancy restaurant. Chi-Soo introduces caviar to Eun-Bi. She eats a little, likes it (doesn't love it), then breaks up with him. She points out their age difference and says that for him this is all a fun high-school game, but she needs someone to have a mature relationship with (keep in mind, this is coming from a woman who seeks life advice from fortune-tellers...). She expresses to Chi-Soo that he is always and only thinking of himself and hasn't once asked her a question about her or how she felt. She tells him that he's only interested in her out of curiosity. She doesn't want a "cup ramen" relationship, she wants a man who can MAKE her ramen, and he can't even do that. I think she was speaking metaphorically AND literally. Chi-Soo has a hard time taking this (of course) and gets really aggravated. Eun-Bi leaves the restaurant and when she gets back to the ramen shop, she finds Kang-Hyuk waiting for her. Not for any reason in particular, just to make sure she's okay because that's just the kind of perfect guy he is. Eun-Bi seems confused by the fact that he still does things like this, but was so insistent that she and Chi-Soo try dating. She tells him to be direct about how he feels about her and to stop playing games. OH NO SHE DI'NT! Kang-Hyuk tells Eun-Bi that she's the game-player. She's the one who, in the same day, went on a date with him and held his hand, then kissed Chi-Soo and left on a motorcylce. She got TOLD! Eun-Bi realizes that perhaps she IS the one who's in the wrong here and seems embarrassed. Meanwhile, Chi-Soo assures his father that Eun-Bi is just a passing fancy... well he doesn't use those words. Those are mine, obviously. Eun-Bi and Kang-Hyuk chat under the moonlight. Eun-Bi confides in Kang-Hyuk that she's a mess. She says she can't get her life together as evidenced by the fact that she can't even grab ahold of him (in the metaphorical sense) even though he's been so sweet to her. Then Kang-Hyuk waxes poetic in a moment that makes me-- I mean you-- I mean US cry a little bit. He tells Eun-Bi that, like the ramen shop itself, he will always be there, a pillar there to provide love and comfort. Then he tells her that she shouldn't push Chi-Soo out so quickly, that she should be patient and listen to what her heart wants, not her brain. Back at the ramen shop, Ba-Ool and Hyun-Woo are back at work on their recipes. Over the course of their conversation about ingredients and what foods they do and don't like, the two guys get to know eachother. Ba-Ool learns about Hyun-Woo's complicated relationship with his father, and Hyun-Woo learns about Ba-Ool's difficult up-bringing in a foster home. Then they have a playful food fight that seems like it should end in them making out but doesn't.Later, Chi-Soo comes into the shop looking for Eun-Bi, but instead finds Kang-Hyuk. He is about to leave when he has a thought. He asks Kang-Hyuk if he can teach him how to make ramen. Looks like he's not giving up Eun-Bi so easily! He goes through the steps with Chi-Soo but when they're finished, Chi-Soo notices a slight taste difference between his ramen and Kang-Hyuk's. Kang-Hyuk surmises that it must be from garlic he sauteed in his pan earlier that day. More importantly, this shows that Chi-Soo has an amazing sense of taste which is something that, as Kang-Hyuk tells him, every good chef must have. WHAT!? It looks like Flower Boy Ramen Shop has a new junior chef... Meanwhile, upstairs, Eun-Bi finds a photograph of Kang-Hyuk with... some woman... End of episode. Click here for more recaps!