At the top of episode 12, we see Chi-Soo and Kang-Hyuk at the ramen shop. Kang-Hyuk has just told Chi-Soo he has a perfect sense of taste, an amazing attribute that all great chefs have. Chi-Soo seems unphased by this. He doesn't care about being a good cook, he just wants to be able to prove to Eun-Bi that he can make ramen. Kang-Hyuk, on the other hand, seems really put off by this. He thought this one thing is what set him apart from and above Chi-Soo. I know how he feels. After the success of my high-school production of Annie, I knew I was destined for stardom, then I came to New York and it turns out I'm not the only gay guy who likes to talk loud and get attention. Poor Kang-Hyuk. And poor me. Eun-Bi finds out about Chi-Soo's perfect palette when he smells soybean paste on her breath. How romantic! Kang-Hyuk tells her that maybe he inherited it, which reminds Eun-Bi of an old photo album she has. The two of them look at it and reminisce about their parents. It seems her father met his parents in Japan. I don't know where this story is going but I can tell it's going somewhere weird. Could Kang-Hyuk and Chi-Soo be brothers? Hmmm... Ba-Ool respectfully confronts Chi-Soo to find out what his intentions with Eun-Bi are. Once he realizes that his feelings for her are the same feelings he has for So-Yi, he freaks out. "You're a God!" he exclaims. He tells Chi-Soo that he can't date Eun-Bi. He's not her type! And she's not his! Chi-Soo doesn't deny these facts, but tells Ba-Ool he likes her just the same. Later on, Eun-Bi is embarrassed when a group of women from a nearby orphanage come by to help her clean cabbage for kimchi (it seems Eun-Bi's father used to cook ramen for the children in the orphanage). The women meet the men of the ramen shop and the picture it paints doesn't look good. I mean think about it, she's living with two former students and her "husband" while her lover/boyfriend also works at the shop. Ba-Ool expresses to So-Yi how angry he is about Chi-Soo courting Eun-Bi. So-Yi assures him that Eun-Bi is like a pair of slippers for Chi-Soo: comfortable for a while, but not the perfect-fitting dress shoes he really wants and will eventually end up with. Ba-Ool is slightly offended by this and then he leaves to see Eun-Bi at the shop which makes So-Yi INSANE with jealousy. But, as Ba-Ool puts it to her, if he's her right arm and Chi-Soo is her left, Eun-Bi is his front and she is his REAR. ZING! Take that, White Swan! I really don't like her. She treats Ba-Ool so poorly I'm almost okay with the idea of Ba-Ool ending up with my boyfriend Hyun-Woo. I said ALMOST! Anyway, since the ladies from the orphanage think Eun-Bi is a brazen whore, they leave her with all the cabbage to clean by herself. Not to worry, the flower boys are there to help. Also joining them is a suspicious So-Yi, Coach, and Dong-Joo who is now very confused about these fluttery feelings she's having for coach. Later on, the gang decides to go to a day spa. Chi-Soo and Kang-Hyuk almost have an endurance competition over who gets to keep Eun-Bi in the steam room but Chi-Soo opts out of competing knowing that even if he loses, he'll eventually end up with Eun-Bi because he always gets what he wants. Kang-Hyuk then brings up Chi-Soo's dead mother. Ouch. Really, Kang-Hyuk? What a low blow. Waiting outside for the boys, Eun-Bi is unexpectedly picked up by President Cha's adviser and taken to his headquarters. President Cha tells Eun-Bi that she has to end things with Chi-Soo. According to Cha, "Chi-Soo is caviar" and caviar rots if it's handled with metal chopsticks used for ramen. Eun-Bi understands. When she returns to the shop, Chi-Soo is there. He is going to make Eun-Bi ramen to prove that he deserves her. He prepares a special dish and puts it in front of her, but she notices that he's cut his finger. At first I thought she was grossed out thinking there might be blood in her food, but really I think she got upset realizing what she's doing to poor, sheltered Chi-Soo. She tries to run away, saying she's too full to eat. Chi-Soo sees through this and asks her why she's afraid. Eun-Bi admits that she IS afraid. Her heart is like a shallow pan that gets too hot too fast. She wants to take things slow because the last time she let her heart boil over it ended in heartbreak. She's terrified. Chi-Soo comforts her, telling her that she makes his heart boil over too and that if she's afraid, just stay still and he'll hold her. The two of them embrace, then Chi-Soo asks her when was the last time she washed her hair. Kang-Hyuk comes home while Chi-Soo is drying Eun-Bi's just-washed hair. Eun-Bi hides Chi-Soo in her bed, but Kang-Hyuk knows what's up and pulls them apart. He locks Eun-Bi out of her own room, then shows a picture to Chi-Soo. It is a picture of Kang-Hyuk and Kang-Hyuk's mother... who also happens to be Chi-Soo's mother. He tells Chi-Soo he is his older brother, and that he can't sleep with his wife... DRAMA! Click here for more recaps!