Episode two of Flower Boy Ramen Shop picks up where episode one leaves off (go figure). Our heroine, Eun-Bi (who I like to think of as a younger, Korean Meg Ryan), is still reeling from the fact that she just asked out a high-schooler, thinking he was a 30-year-old businessman (if I had a nickel, am I right?). Meanwhile, Chi-Soo and his friends are walking to school. And they’re hot. Like a boy band but better because they don’t have crappy music to put up with. Just beautiful faces. And bad attitudes. And beautiful faces. Did I say that already? Where am I?

Eun-Bi (who I guess you could also think of as a younger, Korean Courtney Cox) makes her way through Cha Sung High School for her first day of work as a student teacher. She’s terrified she’ll run into Chi-Soo and prays to God that she doesn’t. She convinces herself the chances are very slim. Almost as slim as she is (Hiyo! See what I did there? It’s called a joke. A very bad joke). She enters her classroom and there’s no sign of Chi-Soo at all. What a relief! Can you imagine how awkward it would be if she had to student-teach a class where one of the pupils was someone she asked out on a date? Thank God he’s not there…oh wait, guess who strolls in casually late? If you guessed The Blue Man Group you’re wrong (and really weird). It’s Chi-Soo. Yikes! Eun-Bi is mortified. She even tries to push her way out of the room through the chalkboard. Or is she trying to become the chalkboard? It could be both, she’s very unstable.

At lunch, Kang Dong-Joo (remember that ho from episode one who wouldn’t let Eun-Bi borrow her lacey white socks even though she borrowed them anyway?) informs Eun-Bi that Chi-Soo is the son of Cha Sung, as in the CEO of Korea’s NUMBER ONE FOOD CORPORATION. Everyone calls Chi-Soo “ The Prince” and treats him accordingly. If word gets out that she threw herself at “The Prince,” her reputation could be ruined and then she’ll never advance into a full-time teacher position. This causes her so much stress that she literally bites her lip to the point of bleeding. Why doesn’t she just eat her feelings like I do? How do you say nachos in Korean?

Eun-Bi finally approaches Chi-Soo in the gym to clear the air. He assures her that what’s in the past is in the past. This is a huge relief to her and she thinks it’s very mature of him… which makes her want him all over again. Girl! Pull it together!

Before leaving the gym, Eun-Bi discovers the school’s P.E. teacher sleeping in the back room. Apparently he used to be Eun-Bi’s volleyball coach in her high school days. He dramatically refers to “…the incident.” They don’t explain what “…the incident” is, of course, but apparently it’s something involving Eun-Bi that cost him his post as volleyball coach. What could it be? My guess is that it’s either an illegitimate child or a porn addiction. But that’s just me. The P.E. teacher also urges Eun-Bi to pay her father a visit.

Next we see Chi-Soo in the principal’s office. The principal suggests that Chi-Soo stop driving his fancy car to school. None of the other students drive to school and it doesn’t look good for him to be pulling up every day in a convertible. This doesn’t fly with Chi-Soo. He reminds his superiors who he is (remember, his name is on the f*#%ing school) and they cower to him.

As if there weren’t enough pretty boys to lower our self-esteem on this show, we get introduced to one more. And I couldn’t be happier about it/hate myself more. It’s a beautiful feeling. Anyway, this new guy’s name is Kim Ba Ool. He’s a badass too, but unlike Chi-Soo he’s from the other side of the tracks. You know, the poor side. But poor in that way that TV people are poor where you only know they’re poor because they keep saying they are, even though they have really amazing clothes and never wear the same ones twice and live in huge homes that your richest relatives could never afford. And you kind of resent it but at the same time you don’t because the people are attractive. Anyway, Ba-Ool’s nickname is “Crazy Rooster.” He’s the head of the Matchstick Gang and he’s known as “the best fighter in school.” I’m curious how they decided this. I’ve never heard of a school having a fighting competition before. Or maybe there’s some sort of electoral vote or something? It’s not important, what’s important is that he’s said to be a specialist in revenge and taking kids’ money. Swoon! He’s been missing from class for four days. He spends a lot of time in the snack joint just outside the school. The snack joint is run by an expert chef with a firey temper. Eun-Bi is sent out by her boss to find Ba-Ool and bring him back to school. I think we’re meant to believe she always gets the crappy jobs, but it’s a little hard to think that when she’s surrounded by all these gorgeous Korean thugs.

Eun-Bi walks into the snack joint on the hunt for Ba-Ool and passes a table with some words carved on it: “If it’s Eun-Bi, she can do it!” Hmmm. With all these cryptic clues you’d think this was some kind of soap opera. What? It is? Oh okay, well that makes sense. Anyhow, short-tempered Eun-Bi and the similarly short-tempered chef exchange a long, dramatic look. We then learn that (SURPRISE!) the chef is Eun-Bi’s father and that it’s been five years since they’ve seen each other. Apparently Eun-Bi has been resentful towards him for burying himself in his work at the snack joint since her mother’s/his wife’s death. Her father tells Eun-Bi she can probably find ‘Crazy Rooster’ in the recycling yard and she exits the snack joint leaving a lot un-resolved with her father. I hope there will be more episodes so we can see how things get better between them. What? There are more episodes? Oh okay, well that makes sense too.

Eun-Bi finds Ba-Ool in the recycling yard beating the crap out of another gang. You almost feel bad for them, but you don’t because they’re not as attractive (if you think I’m being superficial don’t blame me, blame the casting department). Eun-Bi lets us see a glimpse of her street-wise past as she literally smacks some sense into Ba-Ool (several times). These head-smackings are followed by a heart-to-heart between the two of them. It turns out the two have known each other since childhood. At one point during their conversation Ba-Ool brings up Eun-Bi’s mysterious volleyball career, but she cuts him off. I guess we’ll have to wait ‘till episode three or four to find out what that’s about. Ba-Ool tells Eun-Bi of a beautiful, heavenly girl he’s in love with whom he has affectionately nicknamed “White Swan.” He turns red when he speaks of her. It’s so cute you want to punch him.

Next we see Yoon So Yi (a.k.a. “White Swan”) in a ballet class. She’s so sweet looking that she makes Natalie Portman’s white swan look like a prostitute. Out of the blue, Chi-Soo waltzes into the ballet class and, a la Fonzie, says to So-Yi “Let’s go.” The dance teacher seems upset that her class is being disrupted, but all Chi-Soo has to do is tell her she has a pretty collar bone, wink his disarming wink, and she can’t fight with him. Don’t hate the player, hate the game, dawg.

Chi-Soo and So-Yi catch up over coffee. Apparently they dated two years ago, then Chi-Soo left to live in New York and they haven’t talked or seen eachother since. I guess the charm of Chi-Soo is too much for her to resist, because the next thing we see is So-Yi telling Ba-Ool that she’s through with him and going to date Chi-Soo instead. He’s outraged and devastated. It makes you want to help him pick up the pieces of his broken heart…and then makeout for ten hours.

Then we see Eun-Bi, who is working late at school. The stress of the job seems to be getting to her because she begins talking to a broken printer.

She carries the printer (presumably somewhere to be fixed or to the garbage) when she passes a classroom where Chi-Soo and Ba-Ool are fighting about So-Yi. Ba-Ool asks Chi-Soo to wait three years when he’ll have money of his own and finally be able to compete fairly with “The Prince.” Chi-Soo finds this amusing and informs Ba-Ool he won’t have a chance in three years because “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Eun-Bi hears this and becomes enraged at the bratty punk. We then hear sirens, which are presumably coming from a police car or ambulance to break up the fight (even though it doesn’t seem to be getting that out-of-hand).

Meanwhile, at Chi-Soo’s mansion, we see his father, President Cha, again in his Jacuzzi. His advisor notifies him that “the snack shop won’t budge.” They don’t explain what this means, but I’m going to use my high-school educated brain to postulate that they probably want to buy the snack shop so they can replace it with one of their many chain restaurants. Raise your hand if you think I’m right. Now put it down because everyone’s looking at you. The advisor also tells President Cha that Chi-Soo’s fancy car is causing a controversy at school. President Cha doesn’t want to take the car away from his son because he hates when Chi-Soo is mad at him. How do rich people balance all these problems? I can’t even imagine.

Next we see Chi-Soo and Eun-Bi with Ba-Ool outside what appears to be a hospital after their fight. I still don’t understand why they had to go to a hospital. Nobody got injured. I guess when you’re that pretty you just have to make extra sure. God forbid a small bruise turns into a bigger bruise and then you have to go into hiding. So-Yi shows up at the hospital to pick up Chi-Soo. Ba-Ool is still heartbroken over losing her. He grabs her by the hand, desperate for her to stay with him, but she breaks away from him and goes with Chi-Soo, who’s acting especially cocky.

In the car So-Yi asks Chi-Soo why he’s not more curious about her relationship of two years with Ba-Ool while he was away in New York. He points out that’s what’s past is past, (I can’t decide if he’s extremely zen, or just a self-involved jerk) and if she doesn’t agree that Ba-Ool is a waste, she can keep dating him.

Eun-Bi and Ba-Ool have dinner and vent to each other about how much they detest Chi-Soo. Ba-Ool confides that he carried So-Yi’s books EVERY DAY for two years and can’t believe how she could just pick up and leave him so easily. Having wasted two years on an ungrateful lover herself (remember the military douchebag from the last episode?), Eun-Bi totally relates to Ba-Ool. She calls Chi-Soo a piece of crap. She also gets hammered.

The next morning, Chi-Soo discovers his father has taken the wheels off his car. It seems he’s decided it’s best after all that Chi-Soo gets to school like everyone else. He has to take a cab.

Eun-Bi wakes up late due to a hangover and is mortified she’s going to be late for work. In an act of desperation she runs into the street and throws herself in front of a cab. But guess who’s in the cab? Yep, Justin Bieber. Just kidding, it’s Chi-Soo, you guys. Did I trick you? No? Okay, sorry.

In the cab, Eun-Bi realizes she still wants to make a favorable impression on Chi-Soo (after all, he’s a student at her school…and kind of runs it) so she makes polite, awkward conversation. Once they reach school, Eun-Bi pulls him aside to let him know a thing or two about a thing or two. She expresses that she doesn’t think it was nice of him to steal Ba-Ool’s girl. He answers that he gave So-Yi permission to date the both of them if she wants to. Eun-Bi calls that cheating, Chi-Soo calls it an open relationship. Eun-Bi explains to him that the love is complicated and that “a heart is not a revolving door where people can go in and out.” Chi-Soo abruptly pins Eun-Bi against the wall and they come THIIIIIS close to kissing. We hear those damn bells of destiny again (remember, the ones the fortune teller warned Eun-Bi about?). Eun-Bi doesn’t protest like you think she might. Instead she quivers, seemingly wanting him to kiss her. Chi-Soo is trying to make a point. He reminds Eun-Bi that she just broke up with her military boyfriend two days ago…and yet here she is ready to kiss Chi-Soo and forget all about what’s-his-name. “Feelings are the easiest thing in the world,” he says. He tells her that love is not like a revolving door, but “a merry-go-round that can be enjoyed by many people happily.” Then he threatens her, “If you mess with me ONE MORE TIME…then I’ll really…will just date you.”

End of episode! What’s gonna happen? OMG!


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