At the top of episode three we find Eun Bi still reeling from Chi Soo's threat/promise to date her if she keeps interfering with his life. Can someone tell him I'm still available? I'd do it myself, but I'm shy/don't speak Korean. Anyhow, Dong Joo, Eun-Bi's promiscuous roomie, finds her in the gym to tell her that her father is in the hospital having had an accident.  Eun-Bi rushes to the hospital and finds that Ba-Ool is there too. And he's panicking. Can someone tell him I'm available too? It's not that I'm over Chi-Soo, I just want to keep my options open. Anyway, we learn the panic is all for nothing when we see Eun-Bi's father walk in completely fine except for a broken arm.


Next we see the pretty lady from episode one that Chi-Soo met on the airplane and had a one-night stand with. She's on a plane again and complaining to a brand new beautiful Korean guy (Wait, ANOTHER hot new character? SCORE!) about the loneliness of success, traveling, and sleeping with beautiful men. Sigh! I can't believe I worry about my rent when there are all these bigger problems going on. But I digress.

Eun-Bi and Dong-Joo are throwing back a couple of beers and shooting the shit outside of a convenience store. Eun-Bi,who is very frazzled (as evidenced by her frumpy tracksuit and classic messy-bun) tells Dong-Joo she has threatened to cause trouble for her father if he doesn't stay under proper medical supervision after his recent car accident. Then she asks Dong-Joo what she should do about a student asking her out (in case you forgot, she's talking about Chi-Soo!). Dong-Joo, who's a little tipsy (as evidenced by her crass manners and the beer in her hand) tells her not to take the joke too seriously if she wants to survive as a teacher in an all boys school. Then she goes into the store for some snacks (remember, she's tipsy).  Eun-Bi racks her already over-racked brain trying to figure out if Chi-Soo's proposition was a joke or not and if so, how does she feel about it. Ugh! The perils of being in love with a high-schooler. Maybe she ought to call Mary Kay Letourneau for advice? Too soon? Too late? Anyway, Eun-Bi decides to let off some steam by playing a punching bag arcade game just outside of the store while Dong-Joo is getting the snacks. She's obviously got a lot of pent up rage because she hits the punching bag hard and beats the all-time high score on the machine. Onlooking businessmen are terrified. But wait, there's another onlooker who seems to be CHARMED by her temper. It's Mr. Hot New Guy from the airplane! Dong-Joo pulls Eun-Bi away quickly to go home. She's embarrassed that Eun-Bi is playing the game and what's more, that she beat it. The hot new guy smiles. And we all melt.

Next we see Mr. Hot New Guy at the hospital. He smiles at nurses who swoon almost as much as I do. His smile also has a sound effect. It's not a "ding" like Chi-Soo's smile, it's more like tiny chimes. I can't tell which one is cuter, but I have all day to think about it. He is at the hospital to visit Chi-Soo's father, whom he calls "boss." During his conversation with his "boss" it's also revealed that...WHAT? Eun-Bi is Mr. Hot New Guy's wife? What does this all mean?! How soon can we find out?! Why are all the pretty ones taken?!

Eun-Bi, STILL struggling with her feelings for Chi-Soo resolves yet again, to forget about him and to face her teaching responsibilities with a new-found vigor. Something tells me this isn't going to last long. And that something is right because in the next scene, Eun-Bi is confronted with him and her mixed feelings all over again. She's in charge of the P.E. class, which most of the students have blown off, except Ba-Ool and his friends, and Chi-Soo and his friends. They are going to play a game of basketball and to make things more awkward, Ba-Ool's team is a player short so Eun-Bi must also take part in the game against Chi-Soo and his sexy friends.

At first, firey-tempered Eun-Bi and Ba-Ool (who still resents Chi-Soo for taking his white swan girlfriend, So-Yi, away from him) play a good game against Chi-Soo and his friends, but Eun-Bi gets caught up in short-lived, cartoon fantasies of 'getting personal' with all of her hot opponents. On one hand I totally understand it, but on the other hand, maybe she needs to get a job somewhere she isn't tempted by hot under-age guys. But I probably wouldn't want to watch that show as much as this one. Anyway, Eun-Bi finally drops the ball (literally) when Chi-Soo takes her by the waist. Dong-Joo and the P.E. teacher watch on and comment how her temper has leveled out since quitting that mysterious volleyball career that everyone keeps refering to.

We don't ever find out who won the game because the show cuts immediately to a scene where Eun-Bi is being reprimanded by her supervisor for making the seniors participate in P.E. instead of letting them use the time as a study period. Um, why couldn't MY P.E. class be more like that?! Maybe then I would've passed it! AGH! On the bright side now I have something to talk about in therapy tomorrow.

As she cleans up in the gym, Eun-Bi overhears a conversation Chi-Soo is having with some other guys. One of his friends is having problems dealing with an unattractive girl who won't stop texting him. Chi-Soo cockily advises him to compliment her mole and kiss her on the forehead (which is exactly what he did to Eun-Bi) and tells him it'll drive her crazy and he'll basically own her.

As you can imagine, this is horribly upsetting to Eun-Bi. And as you can further imagine, this upsetting feeling didn't take long to turn into rage inside her. She confronts Chi-Soo in the hallway of the school, pelts him hard in the face with a volleyball in front of all the other students, and tells him to stay away from her. Um, yeah. It happened.

Chi-Soo is about to retaliate but before he can hit her, his hand is grabbed by Mr. New Hot Guy who tells him to keep his hands off his wife. Chi-Soo is visibly confused and shaken in learning Eun-Bi has a husband, but what's odd is that Eun-Bi seems to have no idea that this man is her husband either. Does she even know him? Maybe it was a marriage arranged without Eun-Bi's knowledge. Do they have arranged marriages in Korea still? I wish they had them here, maybe then I'd have... wait, I'll save that for my therapist too.

Our prince, Chi-Soo, gets an MRI to make sure there's been no damage done by the volleyball. They tell him everything looks fine, but he ought to stay at the hospital for a bit and rest. The biggest bruise he has is on his ego. He orders his father, his doctor, and everyone to refer to what happened to him with Eun-Bi and the volleyball as an accident. He can't swallow the idea that he's been hit for the first time ever in his life and it was at the hands of a woman. His father asks him if he wants Eun-Bi fired, but he tells him not to. Does this mean he cares about Eun-Bi? Or that he wants to enact some other form of revenge? Time will tell.

Next we see Eun-Bi in her father's hospital room. They are watching television and chatting. Her father urges her to get out of teaching and follow what used to be her passion: volleyball. She tells him she doesn't want to live on ramen the rest of her life and that she's not going to give up teaching.

Later, Chi-Soo is on a bench outside the hospital talking with his girlfriend, So-Yi. She asks if he's going to have Eun-Bi fired, but he tells her he's not that childish. Which totally makes me think he's up to something. Sitting on a bench near them is Eun-Bi's father. Enter Ba-Ool, who's there to visit him, but then he sees his ex-girl with Chi-Soo. Chi-Soo encourages her to have lunch with him, but when she asks Ba-Ool, he explodes and leaves (apparently he's not taking the whole "let's just be friends" thing too well). So-Yi follows after him. Eun-Bi's father then approaches Chi-Soo and pretends he's dying in order to get Chi-Soo to go to his house and bring his ramen to the hospital. Weird? Yes, but so is the rest of the show so I just kind of go with it. Maybe the ramen is magic? I don't know. But Chi-Soo doesn't fall for it. He's annoyed and tells the old man he's going to have him fired but as he walks away, Eun-Bi's father actually dies...for real. I know, crazy right?

Ba-Ool decides to have lunch with So-Yi after all and even feeds her rice from his plate. CUTE! So-Yi asks Ba-Ool to date her again, but he's hesitant to accept because she doesn't plan on ending things with Chi-Soo. Can Ba-Ool date a girl who's dating someone else? I could. But this isn't about me. Or is it? No, no it's not.

Anyhow, next we see Eun-Bi in the hospital. She is there to bring ramen to her father, but she runs into Chi-Soo in the elevator who thinks she has come to apologize. She tries to rush away from him but he stops her. He can't imagine why she would be there for anything else but to apologize to him. Then Eun-Bi sees her father's body on a hospital bed rushing by. Maybe he's not dead after all! She chases after it, leaving Chi-Soo mid-argument. He's holding the ramen she brought for her father.

The doctor tells Eun-Bi her father is dead. Many of her friends come to pay respects. Chi-Soo, trying to find Eun-Bi to confront her again, stumbles upon her mourning and realizes what has happened. He goes back to his hospital room (which is covered in flowers to sympathize his black eye) and has a long, hard think.

Next we see Eun-Bi in her father's ramen shop. She is eating ramen and drinking alone, thinking about the times she spent there with her father. The time he taught her how to drink a shot properly, the time he got mad at her for writing on the table but then laughing once he read what she had written ("If it's Eun-Bi, she can do it"), and finally the time they fought when she was a teenager and left home. She feels tremendous guilt for leaving him alone and sobs, begging him not to leave her. She sees his ghost and grabs him, but it isn't really his ghost, it's the mysterious new guy who claims to be her husband, Choi Gang Hyuk. I'm too proud to tell you that I cried during this scene, but yeah, I cried during this scene.

The episode ends with Chi-Soo pulling up to the ramen shop (maybe he's there to return that ramen pot?) and seeing Eun-Bi embrace with her "husband." I couldn't be more confused/pleased.