When episode five of Flower Boy Ramen Shop starts, Eun-Bi crawls out of bed and discovers a half-nude "stranger" in her home. The stranger is no stranger to us. It's Gang-Hyuk. The man who claimed to be Eun-Bi's husband. Apparently, between Eun-Bi's blackout drunkenness and Gang-Hyuk's narcolepsy, the two haven't crossed paths that much and Eun-Bi had no idea Gang-Hyuk was living with her. Eun-Bi seems really upset, which is weird because Gang-Hyuk is only wearing a towel and has an amazing body. Then Eun-Bi finds out that her father left Gang-Hyuk the ramen shop in his will (which looks like it was written in crayon, which is strange, but also kinda cute). Also in his will, he has promised Gang-Hyuk his daughter's hand in marriage.

Eun-Bi sees a broken onion on the floor and we're transported to a flashback of the previous night when Gang-Hyuk and Chi-Soo had their li'l argument. Chi-Soo storms out of the ramen shop, angry and insulted by Gang-Hyuk. Eun-Bi can't believe that Chi-Soo would come to the shop to return the keys. Gang-Hyuk says it's because it was the right thing to do. Eun-Bi doesn't think Chi-Soo knows the meaning of "doing the right thing."

Elsewhere in a pool somewhere Chi-Soo's snobby friends are swimming and having a good time. Except for Chi-Soo who sits underwater and is pre-occupied with the voices in his head (most of them sound like Eun-Bi's). Even though he knows how to swim, Chi-Soo comes up to the surface gasping for air. He is pulled out of the pool by his friends and taken away on a stretcher. It seems he feels he's suffocating because of Eun-Bi. He says he can feel her forearm pressing down on his chest. His friends are concerned he's going crazy.

Eun-Bi takes her father's crayon-scribbled and orders Gang-Hyuk to stay in the shop while she finds out if the document is actually legal. Gang-Hyuk obeys. And smiles adorably. Eun-Bi, who's memory is fuzzy because she likes to hit the sauce every so often, asks him they ever had... you know. Gang-Hyuk laughs nervously and answers "no." He doesn't even like doing it. It's such a hassle to get off his own clothes let alone another person's... but he'd be willing to make an exception for her. Is it weird that might be the most romantic thing I've never heard? "I don't like sex but I'd be willing to make an exception for you." Not weird? Very weird? Moderately weird? Anyhow, I almost didn't catch what Gang-Hyuk was saying because I was too busy drooling over his pretty face. Chi-Soo? More like Chi-Who! (I'll be here all week, folks!)

Next we see Eun-Bi out to lunch with her former slutty roommate, Dong-Joo, and the P.E. teacher, her former coach. I guess Dong-Joo had her lawyer boyfriend look over the document and it is, in fact, legal. The ramen shop belongs to Gang-Hyuk. This means Eun-Bi no longer has a home there (unless she goes through with being Gang-Hyuk's wife). She also can't move back in with Dong-Joo because she's getting married to the lawyer. Despite her life falling apart in the matter of a few hours, Eun-Bi insists on celebrating Dong-Joo's engagement and the three friends go out to drink beer and sing Karaoke. Um, save me a seat, guys.

Chi-Soo is laid up in bed, still racked with anxiety and stress over Eun-Bi. He's even having dreams about her. Or are they nightmares? He tries to leave the house to go meet her, but his father insists that he stays in bed to get plenty of rest.

Eun-Bi returns home to find that Gang-Hyuk has made a feast for lunch. And it's DELICIOUS. She tells him that while the contract is legal, she still plans on living in the house and if he wants to fight her on that, he'll have to get a lawyer. He doesn't want to fight her. He wants to be with her. She tells him that he can have the ramen shop, and she'll take the house. He seems oddly hurt by the fact that the ramen shop means nothing to Eun-Bi. Like she's rejecting her father by rejecting the shop. He decides that since the shop means nothing to her, he'll stay just until he can sell it. Then he cowers away, mildly heartbroken. He couldn't be any cuter if he were saving ten babies from a burning building.

Meanwhile, since Chi-Soo is sick, our white swan, So-Yi, has time for the one she really admires, Ba-Ool. She approaches him after school and he immediately flips out, knowing full well that if Chi-Soo weren't sick, she'd be with him. But she touches his hand and tells him she's hungry and BAM! He's putty in her hands. They go to the ramen shop to eat, but it's closed. So-Yi, leaving for her dance lessons without eating, tells Ba-Ool she only wanted to spend some time with him, and gives him a kiss on the cheek. This sends Ba-Ool into a euphoria. He smiles, laughs, and dances. Then Eun-Bi smacks him on the back of the head.

Next we see them in Eun-Bi's bedroom having a heart-to-heart. Ba-Ool tells her he'd rather be yanked around by So-Yi than live completely without her. He also tells her he's glad she'll no longer be a teacher. She seems annoyed by this and asks why shouldn't she have a normal life and earn a decent salary?! He reminds her that she used to be brave and interesting... she was his hero. Not gonna lie, I teared up a little bit at that part. Maybe it was the cheesy music, or maybe because I didn't get enough love as a child, or maybe it was just an actually moving moment. Probably all those things.

Chi-Soo finally makes an escape from his home by disguising himself as a janitor with the help of a pretty girl working for his father's company. He shows up at Eun-Bi's house and beats on the door, but there's no answer. His friend calls to tip him off about her whereabouts and he quickly rushes there.

Eun-Bi is in the high-school gym. Apparently what Ba-Ool said to her made an impact. After years of trying to run away from her glory days as a player, she's back in the gym to start practicing volleyball again. Chi-Soo comes in shouting her name (or rather, her old job-title, "Intern!"), but she seems to be in a volleyball trance. She has a flashback to the last game she ever played where she spiked the ball into the crowd (directly at her father) and lost the game for her team. It seems like she did it on purpose. But why? Because he smacked her in a flashback in an earlier episode? Will we ever find out? Ugh! Dramas are so dramatic! Anyhow, Eun-Bi practices while Chi-Soo sits quietly and watches her with tears in his eyes. Why the tears, little Prince? Eun-Bi finishes practicing and, dripping with sweat and breathing heavily, calls out to Chi-Soo, "Let's go!" He didn't realize she knew he was there.

As they're walking away from the school, Chi-Soo confronts Eun-Bi and tells her she's the reason he's got an illness in his heart that no doctor can cure: ANGER! Eun-Bi, who seems more serene than ever (maybe because she just purged her rage on volleyballs), gives Chi-Soo a sincere apology, tells him she's not cut out to be a teacher, and assures him he'll be fine and he'll never have to see her again. AWWWWW!

Eun-Bi gets on a train to visit her father's grave. She's also trying to take constipation medicine but has a hard time doing it because she wants to do it while nobody's looking. She completely loses her chance when she looks up and sees that sitting directly across from her is Gang-Hyuk, who's also taking the train to her father's grave. She asks him why he's going and he tells her that he wants to apologize to him for not being able to save the ramen shop because his ungrateful daughter wants to sell it and live comfortably. He also tells her how he came to know her father. He was a lonely orphan and her father and his ramen were the only things that could give his heart warmth. After this heart-wrenching story, Eun-Bi caves in and tells Gang-Hyuk she doesn't want to sell the shop and asks if they can make ramen together. CUTE! Gang-Hyuk is pleased, of course.

Then just as Eun-Bi finds a moment to herself so she can finally take that constipation medicine CHI-SOO SHOWS UP! What?! How did he get on the train!? Anyhow, he calls Eun-Bi crazy and punches Gang-Hyuk in the face and the episode ends. WHAAAT! This show is off the hook, yo!

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