When we last left Eun-Bi, she was on a train trying to take some constipation medicine on the way to visit her father's grave (after having just told Gang-Hyuk not to sell her father's shop, telling him, "let's make ramyun together.") Then Chi-Soo comes in from out of nowhere (how did he get on the train?), pulls the medicine out of Eun-Bi's hands and punches Gang-Hyuk in the face. The three of them get off the train and Eun-Bi asks Chi-Soo why he's following her. Though he doesn't say it to Eun-Bi, we realize Chi-Soo thought the constipation medicine was some other kind of medicine and that when Eun-Bi said she was "going to see her father" he thought she meant she was going to kill herself. However, once he realizes the medicine she was taking was meant to help her poop, not kill her, he flees the scene fast. I have a lot of friends who have a difficult time talking about bowel movements too. It's a subject that can really divide a room.

Anyway, Eun-Bi takes care of the cut on Gang-Hyuk's lip that he got from Chi-Soo's punch (what was that about anyway?). They sit outside the graveyard and talk. Eun-Bi ponders why Chi-Soo was on the train, and why he got off where they did.

Next we see Chi-Soo still at the train station in pajamas. He's stranded without a jacket, a phone, or money. He borrows a little girl's phone to call his father, but gets no answer. He leaves a message for his adorable friend Hyun-Woo to come pick him up. Can he pick me up on the way and we can make an evening of it? The little girl who lent Chi-Soo her phone, assumes that he is homeless and gives him her blanket and some fruit snacks.

The episode rewinds back to the point where Eun-Bi tells Chi-Soo outside the school that she's sorry for hurting his heart and he won't have to see her again. Chi-Soo sits pensively at the cafe where Hyun-Woo works and sad music plays to help us see he's really feeling something right now. He asks Hyun-Woo what it means when a person's behavior changes all of a sudden and they tell you that you won't have to see them again. Hyun-Woo suggests that maybe she's going on a trip somewhere. Chi-Soo takes this idea and runs with it. All the way to the ramen shop. Eun-Bi isn't there, but Gang-Hyuk is. He tells Chi-Soo that the shop is going to be closed down, Eun-Bi is no longer his wife, and that she's probably in a happy place right now. Then they bicker for a while. I wish they would've made out, but I bet they're saving that for season two.

Chi-Soo sits pensively again, but this time in his bedroom. He goes over all the things Eun-Bi, Hyun-Woo, and Gang-Hyuk have said and comes to the conclusion that Eun-Bi must be going to kill herself. He freaks out and calls her, but her phone isn't working. Now he's REALLY worried. He calls Hyun-Woo and once he reaches the conclusion that she's going to off herself, he rushes out of his bedroom in his pajamas to find Eun-Bi. He sees her getting into a cab and follows it to the train station. At the station he gets out of his car in such a rush to save Eun-Bi from suicide that he doesn't even take his phone or wallet with him. We then see him searching the train for Eun-Bi until he finally catches up with her in that moment where the last episode left off when he knocks the constipation medicine out of Eun-Bi's hand and punches Gang-Hyuk in the face.

The show then finally catches up to the present. Chi-Soo is at home in his bed, shivering under the tiny blanket the little girl gave him. He is embarrassed and losing his mind. At school the next day, his friends all listen to the message he left on Hyun-Woo's phone and ask him what the hell happened and why he was at that train station in the middle of the night. But he won't tell them. Hyun-Woo, who is actually so adorable I might have to stop watching this show, can put two and two together and figures it has SOMETHING to do with Eun-Bi, but Chi-Soo won't admit any more information than that. He sits in the gym, still losing his mind, and day-dreaming of Eun-Bi. He fantasizes about her sweating like a pig, attacking a volleyball, and even fantasizes about her taking constipation medicine. It must be true love after all!

Next we see Eun-Bi at her father's... is it a grave? A tomb? A catacomb? Anyway, it's where his dead body is. She is talking to her father and reflecting on her youth. There was a time she believed she was really special, but not anymore. Now as she's getting older, she's afraid her life just consists of just eating more and realizing she's not actually that special. Unbeknownst to Eun-Bi, Gang-Hyuk (with an adorable band-aid on his lip) is standing behind her, listening to everything she's saying. He surprises her by responding and telling her that she IS special, she just needs the right someone to show her. (This is where I would usually ask in an open, general sort of way for him to come into my life and make ME feel special, but at this point begging these gorgeous Korean men to take notice of me is getting a little pathetic and I'm starting to doubt whether they can even hear me. But seriously, Gang-Hyuk... I live in midtown in New York City... just let me know when you're ready). He pulls her in for a kiss, but she breaks away. I guess the show is really trying to show us that Chi-Soo and Eun-Bi are meant for eachother. Or maybe not? Because next we see Eun-Bi and Gang-Hyuk frolicking on the beach... maybe she's warming up to my husband after all-- I mean HER husband, maybe she's warming up to HER husband after all.

To get his mind off of Eun-Bi, Chi-Soo calls up So-Yi and they go to the movies. Eventually Chi-Soo asks So-Yi to put her hair up in a yellow hairband (to look more like Eun-Bi). He ditches So-Yi to go out for a night of clubbing with his friends as another tactic to forget about Eun-Bi. This doesn't work either. He keeps thinking he sees her in the crowd of girls at the club and at one point even goes into a trance where he thinks he sees her in the club playing volleyball, when he comes out of it he realizes he's actually just looking at a pole (maybe he ought to find out what's in that drink of his, and then tell me where I can get it). He finally gives into his obsession and tells Hyun-Woo he needs to see Eun-Bi right away.

Eun-Bi has gone to run a few errands (i.e. pick up more constipation medicine and some ointment for Gang-Hyuk's now twice-cut lip) while Gang-Hyuk returns home. When he gets there, he finds Ba-Ool standing outside. I guess he was just hungry because the next scene is him slurping down the last of some delicious ramen. Gang-Hyuk then asks Ba-Ool if he'll work for him in the ramen shop. Ba-Ool considers this while Gang-Hyuk excuses himself to the bathroom where he discovers he must've caught Eun-Bi's constipation. I know, it's gross/adorable.

Chi-Soo enters the shop with Hyun-Woo and through some petty argument having mostly to do with pride, Chi-Soo and Ba-Ool begin fighting and completely wrecking the ramen shop. A shelf almost falls onto our prince, Chi-Soo, but Gang-Hyuk intercepts just in time to save him.

Chi-Soo asks how much Gang-Hyuk wants to compensate for the damage, but Gang-Hyuk doesn't want the money. He proposes that Ba-Ool, Hyun-Woo, and Chi-Soo all work in the shop part-time for free room and board and unlimited ramen. This idea appeals to both Ba-Ool and Hyun-Woo, but of course rich-as-hell Chi-Soo doesn't take the offer seriously... until Eun-Bi walks in. Annoyed at seeing him there, she figures he must be following her because he wants to hit her the same way she hit him (boy is SHE clueless). "Hit me!" she says.

Of course Chi-Soo doesn't hit her, nor does he want to. He just wants to be with her, which is why he accepts the job offer. And the episode ends. Flower Boy Ramen Shop, here we go!!!


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