In episode seven, we finally get to see what "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" is all about: a Flower Boy Ramen Shop, which is to say a ramen shop run by gorgeous Korean men. That's what that means. Who knew?! (Apparently all of you dedicated watchers). At the beginning of the episode, everyone is still in shock that Chi-Soo has decided to accept a part-time job at the shop, especially Eun-Bi. She confronts him and asks why he's doing it, he CERTAINLY doesn't need the money. He tells her it's to gain work experience. I can't tell if he's really in love with Eun-Bi or wants to annoy her. I guess they're one and the same. We always annoy the ones we love...

The next morning everyone is working hard to renovate the shop. Or should I say "working." Gang-Hyuk sleeps under a table, Ba-Ool gets frustrated with hammering and beats a hole in the fence, Hyun-Woo paints a wall at a snail's pace, and Chi-Soo shows up late, impeccably/ridiculously dressed and sits in a folding chair (remind me to bring a folding chair next time I have to cater something). With the help of some other hired workers the place gets finished and newly named "Flower Boy Ramen Shop." Good job everyone! Way to live up to the show's title!

On a grocery-shopping trip, Eun-Bi begs Gang-Hyuk to fire Chi-Soo. He asks her why and instead of telling him it's because she may or may not have or used to have feelings for him, she simply tells him that she doesn't like Chi-Soo. At the same time, Ba-Ool begs to have his own room instead of having to share with Hyun-Woo. Gang-Hyuk doesn't give in to either request. Can someone tell Ba-Ool that I would totally be willing to give him my room? It would be a huge sacrifice for me to share a room with Hyun-Woo, but that's just how good a person I am.

Next we see what it's like for Ba-Ool and Hyun-Woo to share a bedroom. Though it's a wonderful dream-come-true for me, it's apparently not so cool with Ba-Ool. He seems to be a lot less endeared to Hyun-Woo's night-time routine of moisturizing his face and wearing a hair barrette than I am. HIS LOSS! Hyun-Woo, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have a problem with it. He even tucks Ba-Ool in... again, I'm happy to trade.

Chi-Soo tells his father he has a part-time job now to gain real-life experience. This is completely baffling to President Cha until he figures out it's so he can be closer to Eun-Bi. Then his confusion turns to concern and he tells his son to let Eun-Bi go. Annoyed, Chi-Soo leaves and President Cha's adviser informs him that the ramen shop is part of the building that they plan to tear down to build their new shop... hmmmm... I smell trouble... and it smells like ramen... and also romance... and also hot Korean men.

Chi-Soo hallucinates again that he sees Eun-Bi, this time in a video game he's playing. He then talks out loud to her in an affectionate tone that makes even my icy heart get all melty and says, "let's see where this goes, Yang Eun Bi." AWWW! 

The shop finally re-opens and is immediately swamped with women drooling over the dreamy waitstaff (by the way, this shop doesn't actually exist, I checked google earth and everything... so if you were thinking of buying a plane ticket to Korea in hopes of finding Hyun-Woo and asking him to marry you, don't waste your time). Meanwhile, Eun-Bi works in the kitchen and lets out her rage by beating ramen dough.

Next, Eun-Bi's former roommate and her old coach have dinner with Eun-Bi and pontificate (that's a $10 word, folks, free of charge) on why Chi-Soo has taken the job at the shop. Through an imaginary sequence where other actors play Chi-Soo and Eun-Bi, they both fantasize that he's plotting some way to get back at her. Eun-Bi thinks he's doing it to annoy her... if only they knew how much he really cared.

Then we see that Chi-Soo is "The Raddish Boy" at the ramen shop. He's in charge of dispersing radish slices. Is that a real thing? Anyway, he gets discovered by the press who call him "Captain Radish." This nickname sticks with his friends. I guess it would be like if you saw Mary-Kate Olsen working the drive-thru at Arby's (speaking of which, where did she go? And do they still do the 5 roast beef sandwiches for $5 at Arby's?)

Hyun-Woo catches up with Chi-Soo after school and tells him he should just come clean to Eun-Bi and tell her he misses her and that's why he took the job. Cute AND intuitive?! Hyun-Woo, GET OFFA MY SCREEN AND INTO MY CAR! Chi-Soo denies that he misses Eun-Bi and tells Hyun-Woo the real reason he took the job was because it hurt too much NOT to see her. He explains that because she caused him so much trauma, he needs to confront the cause of his trauma by seeing her over and over again until it's gone. Hmmmm, I wonder if that will work. AGAIN he fantasizes that he sees her in a jumbo-tron on the street. DUDE! Get over it! Hyun-Woo then quickly flees Chi-Soo because of some thuggish men that he spies walking toward him. It must have something to do with the large amount of debt his father left him with. Chi-Soo figures this out and tells his father's goons (who have been keeping an eye on him for President Cha) to beat up any thuggish men that seem to be following him and his friends. My hero!

Back at the ramen shop. Eun-Bi and Gang-Hyuk share a tender moment when he ties her hair back because it keeps falling in her face while she beats the sh*t out of the ramen dough. He tells her she's sexy when she's working hard. He leaves her and she smiles about the compliment. Then her hair falls in her face again and this time Chi-Soo is the one to tie it back. At first Eun-Bi is taken aback, but then they share a long look where Eun-Bi sees a tenderness in Chi-Soo's eyes. He says that she looks tacky and common, but he can't stop thinking about her... sparkling... and twinkling. Ba-Ool sees Chi-Soo holding Eun-Bi's hair and tears him away from her, thinking that he's pulling her hair to hurt her. He too thinks Chi-Soo is there for revenge. Soon Gang-Hyuk and Hyun-Woo also come to the scene and Gang-Hyuk asks Chi-Soo once and for all if the reason he's there is revenge. There's a silence while Chi-Soo considers his answer, not quite ready to admit why he's really there. So he asks Eun-Bi if she thinks he's there for revenge. You can tell she knows he is not by the look in her eyes, but before she can answer, Ba-Ool's friends call for him.

It seems Chi-Soo's father's goons mistook Ba-Ool's over-dressed friends for the thugs Chi-Soo was mentioning and have roughed them up. Once everyone finds out the goons belong to Chi-Soo, they really get mad at him.

Chi-Soo doesn't want to explain what his father's guards were supposed to be doing because he doesn't want to embarrass Hyun-Woo, so he offers Hyun-Woo his credit card and tells him to pay off his father's debts which pisses everyone off even more. Poor Chi-Soo is just trying to do the right thing but keeps getting misunderstood. He asks why everyone keeps getting mad at him. Eun-Bi takes the credit card from Chi-Soo and explains that it takes her and everyone else YEARS to be able to get a card like that and that it's offensive for him to throw it around. She tells him to go back to the playground instead of acting like a child in a place where adults are trying to work and earn their living.

Chi-Soo is disheartened and decides to quit. But as he's exiting, Eun-Bi's ex-boyfriend, Jae-Ho (remember the military douche she threw water balloons at?), shows up at the door of the ramen shop. He recognizes Chi-Soo (remember how Eun-Bi tried to make Jae-Ho jealous by saying Chi-Soo was her new boyfriend?). Chi-Soo is on the verge of telling Jae-Ho the truth when Eun-Bi intercepts and keeps the lie going. She says that her and her "honey" still love eachother and can't stand being away from eachother. For a second, it looks like Chi-Soo is going to refute her and continue with the truth, but instead he goes along with the lie, even telling Jae-Ho that they now live together in the same house. With all of these quirky misunderstandings, this show is almost like a hornier, flashier Three's Company. Luckily that's exactly what I want in a TV show!

Eun-Bi, a little ashamed of what she's done/gonna keep doing, asks Chi-Soo if he'll keep playing the role of "her honey" whenever Jae-Ho comes around. Chi-Soo is pleased by this request. Almost too pleased. Almost! He tells her "no problem" but that he wants something in return... to see her whenever he wants. It's like Ross and Rachel all over again!


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